Which movie is worse: Gigli or Grind

I felt like making a poll for old times sake and this is the first thing I thought of

damn, that’s a hard question. On one hand, we have a movie about that bitch Jennifer Lopez and that dumbass Ben Affleck taking care of some retarded guy, and on the other some shitty movie about “totally in your face skateboarders!” I’ll go with Gigli though. I really hate Jennifer Lopez…

And they both start with a G! Coincidence?

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And they both start with a G! Coincidence?

Yup. Just like Dr Pepper and Mr Pibb. It’s a frickin’ conspi- is shot

Personally I have never heard of either of them, so I can’t say which is worse.

And Zhou Yu, did you have to say the ‘C-Word’?

I’ve only seen the commercials/trailers for both, and it looks like they BOTH suck, but I’ll vote for Gigli, for no ither reason than I love that “release the twins” line. :hahaha;

No idea, since I wouldn’t waste precious time/money on either, so I’ll just vote Gigli since I hate J-Ho.

Neither. Godzilla would win… err wait wrong thread. Hmm best movie eh? Yeah, sure… Godzilla! Well, not the american one, but… err…yeah. G is a nice letter.

I’m sure GRIND will have some cool skateboarding scene. but it has Tom Green, so fuck both movies!

dear god… both movies should burn

Where’s the both option?

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Where’s the both option?

Gigli, because it has J-lo and Affleck, and I actually know of it. It sucks.