Which is the hardest LoZ game you played?

Am I the only one that found Oracle of Ages really tough? Some of those puzzles were murder. Specially the Hero’s Cave that you get from the password system.

I liked Seasons a lot better than Ages. Prefer control over weather to time-travel. :3

So… I learned a song in the future, then went back in time and taught it to the person who I learned it from. Isn’t time travel fun?

Zelda 2 is still the hardest for me, but I still like it. A lot of the difficulty for me came from the key setup and the bosses (epecially the last one).

I have only played the Legend of Zelda, the Adventure of Link, and A Link to the Past. I have played only a very little of Link’s Awakening. Of the first three, I found the Adventure of Link the hardest. I remember my first experiences with the game, long ago in 1989/1990. I had a lot of trouble fighting ironknuckles, since I could not time my jumps properly so to smite them when their shields were lowered: I needed to fight them in an area with a low ceiling so that I could smite them whilst coming down from my jump. I also remember having trouble fighting the goriyas in the cave south of Ruto, the axe-wielding enemies on Death Mountain, as well as general difficulty when I first attempted Midoro Palace and Death Valley.

they all have some difficulty to them but after you played them a few times they tend to get easier… except The Adventure of Link… I still have nightmares about the red axe-throwing fiends…

I’d say Majora’s Mask. That whole 3 day thing got annoying and near the end you got really nervous that you weren’t going to make it.

Yeah, and the only one who doesn’t know that Link’s Adventure isn’t a game.

Adventure was hard as hell.
2nd Place goes to Link’s Awakening for random-ass things like killing the 3 baddies in order in the 2nd dungeon or throwing pots at doors in the castle/3rd dungeon.

You know what he meant.

Well since this thread was necro’d and I apparently missed this the first time around I’ll throw my vote in for both of the NES games for different reasons.

The Original for both its reliance on the player and his/her circle of friends/family members uncovering secrets and sharing amongst themselves/inventing and consulting the internet; as well as the limited combat options and aggressive/unpredictable enemy AI in enemies such as Darknuts and Wizrobes.

Zelda 2 for being an NES hard action adventure platformer that doesn’t take death too kindly. Doesn’t help that there are sections like Death Mountain, Valley of Death, & Great Palace that are marathons of pain.

Zelda 3 is the next most difficult since enemies are actually set up to kick your ass if you aren’t keeping up with the powerups and stocked with, at least, fairies.

The series gets significantly easier around the N64 era and never looked back (although Skyward Sword may yet change this; I may edit this later depending on how much ass SS kicks).

FWIW I thought Minish Cap could be harder than ALTTP. The first two games are the hardest by far though.

There’s no way MC could even compare to aLttP. Even if you don’t know the enemy exploits (such as burning Gibdos to reduce them to Stalfos or one shotting Wizrobes with the Lantern) there really isn’t anything that’s outright challenging since you have so many hearts after the Temple of Droplets and nothing does more than a single full heart’s worth of damage per hit (save for the Gibdo’s grab); the only time MC gets challenging is with the final dungeon. Compared to stuff in aLttP’s Light World, nevermind the Dark World, knocking out half to a third of your total health in one go; even with the healing options, screwing around is generally a bad idea.

SS for now looks promising; grunts don’t just run up to you to die and can take a good chunk out of you if you screw up. Though you start with six hearts instead of three and the game’s throwing bottles at you, screwing around is a good way to get your shit kicked in. I discuss this more when I get past level 1.

The adventures are hard but I find loooong games tedious at the end, so the Ocarina gets the vote.

Skyward Sword’s Hero Modo is pretty tough, probably the hardest 3D Zelda to date. Still doesn’t pass Zelda 2 in terms of difficulty though. Probably on par with LttP if you avoid getting the mails and stick with the green tunic.

I’d say a tie between Ages and Seasons for me.

I voted for Zelda 2, but after playing it enough times, much like anything, the game gets easy