Which Geek Stereotype Are You?


Apparently, I’m an otaku first and a gamer second. Huh…

I wasn’t sure if I should’ve posted this here or in the General Discussion, but I think posting it here is more appropriate. Hope no one minds!

Gamer first, RPGer second.

Placing this here was the proper choice.

Otaku first, undecided second. Then Trekkie…

RPGer first, Internet trash second.

Yay, I love when quizzes insult me :stuck_out_tongue:

Otaku, Gamer, Internet Trash.

Cool, Childish, RPGer <.<;

I am half surprised childish isn’t first.


  1. Gamer

  2. Otaku

  3. RPGer

This quiz comes with images see:

Gamer, Otaku, RPGer.

I got Otaku, Childish and Gamer. Which is weird, because I don’t even really like anime.

This quiz is bullshit. It said Gamer, Cool, Roleplayer. =p

Gamer then RPGer

Originally posted by Gilgamesh
[b]This quiz comes with images see:


The images didn’t show up for me (and yes, I did click the links to go to them).

Since when are Yu-Gi-Oh cards a role-playing game?

Oh alright.

I guess its more of a hobbyist than an RPGer. Either that or whoever created it knows not what he’s talking about.

RPGer then Cool.

‘Cool’, followed by ‘childish’.

hell yeah… oh and my 2nd was rpger

Childish and than undecided. “A renaissance nerd”. I don’t think am that childish.

RPGer and Childish. Yay ^^

gamer, RPGer then trekkie