Which format should I make this TRT thread

Okay, I bet you probably don’t give a ratass about Twisted RPG Theatre, but I plan on making a thread soon where the posters can help me write the story, but I am trying to decide which format I should make the thread. That where the handy poll is here for. The three choics are the following…

  1. The Agora posters help me write almost all the dialog using a rough summary of each page with character movations regarding that scene. It helps me avoid the shitty “comedy” that I been doing in my site.

  2. I post the script for the page, but the Agora posters help me correct and create/remove sections that would help the flow and humor of the scene.

  3. Just use both, where plot point scenes are done in option 2, where other scenes are done by the Agora members.

If this is successful, I will do the Halloween episode in this layout.

I think we should go with option number 2. That way you still have the most creative control.

Due to the lack of votes, I will not go through with this idea at the time. Maybe when Halloween occurs I will try again. Mods, please close this thread.