Which final fantasy has the best weapons

i think FF8(even though my favourite is FF7) has the best weapons the gunblade is just cool


…Erm, sorry bout that, habit. Anyway, yuo can’t categorize an entire games by it’s weapons, it’s kinda hard to. Some have a few god weapons, some don’t, and a lot of them have mostly swords and other conventional weapons only.

Balls, Rackets: Sporting goods!
Knives, Forks, SPOON Daggers (If spoony is used as a censoring word…): Weapons to ATTACK FOOD!
Swords, Guns, etc… : Bla, boring.


I liked FF8’s weapons because they had more detail and such, but I hated the way to get them.

FF7s weapons were the best, although having a microphone for a weapon…

I like FF6, personally.

Everyone had “their type” of weapon, but unlike other FFs they weren’t stuck using only that (i.e. Locke primarily was a dagger user, but he could pick up some of the swords, too. Relm could wield some of the knives and rods and wasn’t stuck with her stupid PAINTBRUSHES OF DOOM. And, in fact, if you give her the Gradeus, she is fairly formidable in the physical offense category.)

I can’t reall say which game had the best weapons, since each one of them had good and bad weapons.

Although I can tell what is my favourite type of weapon, the Japanese swords (katanas), which is why I think I leen more towards FF7, than any other, because of Sephiroth’s Masamune!

FF6: Atma Weapon
FF7: Ultima Weapon
FF8: Lion Heart & Zantetzuken

Even though Kindgom Hearts isn’t an FF game, I’d say it had my favorite weapons. The keyblades were really cool to look at.

i like vincent’s weapons on ff7, and i loooove laguna’s machin gun on ff8, it’s just so cool! swords are also nice, but only if they are like cloud’s (zack’s) buster sword!

FF9 had like the coolest weapons in FF an FORKS you can’t beat forks. That’s why Quina is cool, also has Blue Mag which is rawsome.

I don’t really like guns in FF’s, barret the exception. I liked FF7’s ultima weapon, and alot of the weapons in FFX were pretty cool to, some were not so cool though…

Each weapon for each of the FF series had their own uniqueness so it’s sorta hard to say which FF overall had the best weapons

GUNBLADES!!! WHOO! I also hated how you upgrade weapongs in FF8. Buying them is much better.