Which Final Fantasy character would make a kick ass big brother or sister?

Okay this one is easy and quick, who would you pick as an older brother or sister if you could? I think Rinoa, from 8 would make a cool big sister, as would Celes from FF6. Selphie is another awesome candidate, although she’d make a cool little sister too.

On the male front, Cid from FF7 or Irvine from FF8 would make kick butt big brothers. What do you all think?

Locke or Zidane.

Locke or Celes. FF6 must have the best characters overall, eh?

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Relm would be a pretty cool little sister.

Black Mage.

Or Vivi. Sooo cute. And I’ll see his face too!

Wakka. He’d give me translucent blue plasma swords, plus he hangs around chicks with HUGE titties.

Zidane or Locke would make some decent big brothers, since they’d be all “protect the younger (female) one!” Sabin might too. I’d say Edgar, but he’d always be hitting on my friends that came over.

Lulu would make a good older sister. purposely avoids using the word “big”

As for younger, maybe Palom and Porom? (Of course, you’d have to have them together.)

And for either/or, Rydia or Dagger.

Least desired sibling: Quina. While I actually like his/her character, I already have a pet that eats too much, I don’t need a sibling that does too. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a sister Freya or Beatrix.

Brother… Laguna

hi i would have as a sis probably tifa cuz she can smack a face really hard and as a bro i think shadow cuz hes really scary or sephiroth cuz he can wak thru flames and if hes my bro and he cud do it why wouldnt i be able to

Yes, Lulu as my big sister would rock.

If these people were “real” and you could have them for siblings, the LAST person I’d want to be my sibling is Lulu. It would ruin all chances of forming a relationship with her. =P


Wakka would make a good older brother as he’s protective, but i would like Selphie as a younger sister, 'cause she’s energetic. Aeris would make a good older sister, too.

Tifa or Aeris as older sister and Barret as older brother.

auron to be my elder brother, that would be cool.

Zell. I could fight with him everyday, and that’d bring me great joy, even though i’d lose. 'sides, who doesn’t want some blonde guy with a huge tatoo and his face and a great love of hot dogs to be their brother?

:mwahaha: :get it?: :mwahaha: Vincent Valentine

I would choose vincent valentine as my big bro…or sephiroth since their both bad-asses :smiley:

I’d suggest Terra, due to her protective ways. I think I could understand someone with such peculiar traits.