Which Bad Guy was best?

Which villian from Final Fantasy is your favourite?

Any monster, character or being that can be considered evil from any game is allowed.

Of the recurring enemies, I like Behemth the best.

Beatrix from IX is my favorite human bad guy.

Beatrix wasn’t really evil.

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She wasn’t really a guy either.

Let’s not get caught up on Ms Beatrix shall we?



Tie between Sephiroth and Kefka.

Since I haven’t played the other one, I’ll say Sephiroth.

Kefka. Pure evil. The archetypical arch-villain. Destroyed a world just because it’s the evil thing to do.


Raj Athen… in his human form ohh wait, you said FF…

Is Beatrix really a woman ? grins shall we give her the “test” ?

out of all the FF enemies, my favorite would have to be… Garland/Chaos.

allthough, i am still trying to figure out what the purpose of a 1000 year time-loop is. What does that achieve ?

Yes, but she did do some pretty evil things. Like slaughtering half of Burmecia
(presumably). I think she worked well as an unsure sort of enemy who was standing up for what she beleived in. She was a good stand-in evil for you to fight while the plot developed.

Ozma. That stupid ball took me forever to beat. Turns out I was using the wrong strategy. If you just attack it instead of focusing so much on healing, that battle’s pretty easy… BUT STILL! I hate him… it… whatever.

But I think the most well-done (well-done-est?) enemy would have to be… hmm… I dunno. I thought Sephiroth was a really good bad guy, even if his motive was a little hazy at times. To me it was, anyway.

Boss: Utros (Got his own Music!!)
Big Boss: Kefka
Random Battle: Malbroro, Low HP but inflicts Status
Kidding me Battle: Lefier/Rabite

The fact that Ozma was 10x harder than Necron was ridiculous.

On a side note, Ultros was a really cool character.

Ultros was messed up… i liked Seigfried more.

The thing I loved most about Sigfried was that “on the hum, let’s go!” line in Figaro Tunnel. That was just funny.

Edea is undoubtably the sexiest villain in the series. As for best villain period, you’ll have to forgive me for including FFT when I say Delita and Dycedarg.