wheres a good place to find movie reviews/endings/discussions?

all i can find is the same reviews over/over again.


If you find your movie chances are there’ll be all the spoilers and discussions you want.

I know Slate.com does “spoiler” podcasts that discuss a movie’s ending…


Deals mostly with the worst of the worst among movies (as in badly done, directed, scripted all at once), with entertaining anecdotes about why and how things are wrong. The reviews of old Super Friends cartoons (can be found here) are hilarious too.

Edit: Oops, my bad.

I suppose you probly already know, but I really enjoy Roger Ebert’s reviews. I think the way he approaches movies in general is really great.

I like rotten tomatoes myself.

I actually watch my movies.

Weiila: For a moment there you had me going “wha?” but then I realized you were talking about the SUPER FRIENDS, which indeed was one terrible cartoon series, and not JUSTICE LEAGUE which was one of the best American cartoons ever made. (On the SF’s defense, I’ll say that the comic book version of the show was better, in fact it was the first comic series I bought in English.) Still, thanks for the Jabootu link, it’s sometimes fun to read trashy reviews like those. :slight_smile:

SG: I respect Ebert and follow his show religiously- but I almost NEVER agree with him. In fact, I usually avoid the movies he likes. But it’s fun to watch (though not as fun as when Siskel was alive) and the previews are useful.


A database of movie endings.

That has whole summaries and ending of movies.

haha ty guys :stuck_out_tongue:

i watch em too but the other day my roommate found this movie & thru all i was like wtf?!. so i went to look up more info/discussion on it but all i found was the same review on 54084848025489012011 different sites. :stuck_out_tongue: