Where the fuck does everyone go?

Seriously, I’m a student with about 1500 hours of non-stop free time on my hands for the summer, and I’m fucking BORED. Recommend things to do?


Play games, take up a sport, buy some books, get a job, get a girlfriend, watch some movies etc.

You can take up smoking.

That should reduce your free time in the long run.

No money, no money, boring and no money, <strike>no money</strike> BORING, no money, been doing that and I’m sick of it.

I’m setting off fireworks tomorrow for Canada day, but beyond that I don’t have a plan.

I didn’t realize you needed money to get a job.

Seriously, if I go too long without working, I start to lose it. The days run together and I forget to eat and stuff.

Get some part time job at a video store or something.

When ever I’m bored I like to go into the shed and make stufff out of all the junk in there.

one time I was able to make a giant working kite using one of those folding tents. :moogle:

I’m in the same predicament.

Working on getting a job and playing games a lot. Will go see some more movies than I usually do too.

You’re on summer break, right?

When you go back, are you going to be in HS or college?


2 AM: Go to bed
11 AM: Wake up
11 AM-Noon: Play Links Awakening, other random Classic GB games because its right near my bed.
Noon: Eat breakfast
Noon-2PM: Check agora, bemanistyle, ljs, other sites, get on IRC/AIM
2PM-Work(varies): Do real life shit…mail letters, go do stuff in town, hang out with people.
Work-2AM: Get on IRC/Intarweb or play Bemani.

Fridays, no work, so after i wake up i go to the local Arcade and chill and play DDR or IIDX for awhile. Eventually a group of us will go to a movie, or go hang out somewhere.

Saturdays, no work, so after i wake up i go and visit my intarweb friends, or play bemani with bemanistyle people. That or i head down to Wildwood and hang out at the arcades on the boardwalk, or go to Eight on the Break and play IIDX.

“Work” pretty much entails babysitting thousands of bottles of milk (someone has got to make sure it doesn’t…you know…go anywhere), putting milk on shelves, and telling other people to do things. It gets boring though, so i end up just throwing milk at people and stuff.

Simple then. Get a job. Then you will have money.

Dontcha just love cabin fever, Hades? I dealt with it last summer by flying to California. Which I did not pay for.

Come visit me, Hades. My hot Asian girlfriend can find plenty of stuff for the three of us to do together. For example, she and I can have sex in an elevator while you be the lookout.

How about volunteering at a soup kitchen or somesuch? it may be boring, but good karma is good karma is good karma. Period.

no advice, I fall into the same catagorie. I’m Bored out of my mind.

I say get a job. Then you’ll have money and no free time. Both of your problems are solved. If you think getting a job is boring, well, consider it practice for being bored for the rest of your life.

if there’s stuff you want to buy, get a job. Otherwise enjoy the free time while you still have it.

Get a fake ID and become a regular at a local tavern, that or get a job

I like the way you think, Evangelion.

get drunk
hang out with friends
go see local shows
see a movie
hang out with friends
get high
get a job
get a girlfriend
get friends
hang out with newly aquired friends
play video games
get a job
take up a heroin addiction
listen to music
play guitar
play bass
play drums
play keyboard
go outside
go to the library
read a book
get high
get a job
hang out with friends
start a new file in a final fantasy game and master it
have a shower
eat some food
drink some liquids

uh I can’t think of anymore. there’s a few repeats in there, with good reason, and none of those are in any particular order.

im 15, not 21!! And no i will not break the law and you cant get aq good job here till you are sixteen.