Where should I go to college?

Much like having sex with girls I thought to be my age but later found out to be septogenarian pornstars(thanks for the heads-up on that one, Gila), I need to make a decision about going to college, and can trust only the intertron for help. In fact, I can trust only one place to make my decisions for me: The RPGClassics Agora.

The two finalists are Brown and Duke. Your choice is between them, one of the other colleges I got into, and whatever option the 984 picked. Money isn’t really an issue, since scholarships would be covering the total cost of attendance at pretty much any school (with the exception of Reed, in Oregon) I got into.

Considering I’ve been to 4 different colleges, I’m probably not qualified to advise you :stuck_out_tongue:

But my advice is go to the most prestigious one.

Go to the one that’s better for the subject you wish to study. Excellence in an area doesn’t guarantee squat about another (learnt that the boring way). Or perhaps even check the professors teaching the particular subjects; in my place half of them became ministers and quit.

When in doubt, ask for ID.

Go to UGA.

Do you have an intended major?

The Cornell fan in me can not endorse Brown. Big Red 4 Lyfe! Fuck the Bears!

The UGA fan in me can not endorse Duke. UGA and UNC-Chapel Hill have this weird connection where we root for each other. Also, I might wind up at Wake Forest or UVA for law school. Those two factors mean I can not support the Dookies.

The Southerner in me can not endorse any school outside of the South (we’ll expand the definition just this once and include rim states). That means no to Washington, Oregon, and Colorado schools.

That leaves pretty much Cornell (yes, New York, I know, but I’ll let it slide), schools in Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, the Confederate States. The Georgia fan in me then will say no to Tennessee, Florida, Georgia Tech, Auburn, South Carolina, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

There’s still plenty of schools to choose from. UGA is still the best though.

Oh, the 984, where were you months ago when I was applying with this advice. Well, here, and I didn’t ask. That’s something we’ve both just gotta ignore. Fuck applying and being accepted, I’m going to UGA. Woo!

If that plan fails, given the current criteria, Duke is the school I got into with the least strikes against it, I think. Correct? Brown is both rooted against and not in the South, all the others aren’t in the South and aren’t as cheap/are in Fucking Colorado/are named after Lewis and Clark.


You can always transfer to UGA or apply for spring enrollment. (80 bars in a 3 block radius AHOY!) And damn. UGA now has a January 15th deadline for application. I mean, I got mine in back in October when I was dealing with undergrad, but that’s insane. I think it was like March 1st when I was in high school.

Barring that, go be a Dookie. You get the benefit of Southern charm and winter weather (summer weather is a bitch though) combined with what is basically one of the Ivies of the South. The campus is just beautiful there. I’m probably winding up at Wake Forest for law school too.

I’m not too sure on an intended majour, but I do intend on going Pre-Law. I have interests in a wide variety of areas, and most places won’t even let me decide for a year and a half, at least, so I may as well not get too set on anything until I see what’s out there. Most of the schools I’m looking at are pretty good all-around, too, so that’s not as much of a worry, Rig.

Thanks for the input, the 984. Also, VickiMints, who, for some reason, it isn’t letting me send a PM back to at the moment. Your southern aid was greatly appreciated.

Wow, it seems everyone’s going to law school these days. Is it like undergrad degrees are so common that law school is what you need to do to get an actual good job?

Based on my impressions of you and Duke, I think you might find it elitist. Also,

On the other hand, students at the law school here speak more highly of Duke undergrad.

Not enough people going into science -_-.

But if you need to defend a patent, or violate someone else’s for that matter, you’re so covered.

On a related note, Arac, consider dual-majoring in a science. You’d be in high demand, and it’s a free pass to an IP job.

X-wing is right on both counts.

Ironically, I might be getting my first patent in about 6 months.

I actually love science, the only reason I wasn’t considering it for a majour was that the main jobs it would lead to that I knew of weren’t really my thing. I’d definitely consider double-majouring in it, though, especially if it’ll help my odds with the things I do want to go into. When applying to college, I specifically looked into school that were strong in science as well the more “traditionally” pre-law majours.

I’m still set on law as a final goal due to a lot of personal experiences. I think it’s one of the most viable methods for nonviolent social change, even if only on a small scale.

Combined degrees path the way to very interesting and high demand jobs. If you like it Arac, you should go for it. You’re going to have a lot more flexibility doing what you want.

No problem man, I tried. :slight_smile:
Sin’s totally on about the multiple degrees. I’ve known so many people who have been pretty successful professionally by taking advantage of that. Also, I dated a guy who went to law school at Duke after quitting his rocket scientist job (no, that’s not a joke, he was an engineer in school) who went on to be an awesome patent lawyer. The only thing about a humanities/science track is just more work since there’s less academic overlap, but that can usually be managed with careful planning.