Where is the lost city of Makao in Lufia 1?

Does anyone know the location of the lost city of Makao in Lufia 1? I have the strategy guide published by Infotainment world books for this game and there is no city by that name listed in the book and i have the large map that came with the game and that city isn’t listed on it either- The only proof i have the city exists is a picture showing it on the warp list that somone sent in to an old issue of EGM or Nintendo Power- i don’t know which one- But here is a scan of it-

I just noticed something odd about this picture-The character list shows only 1 character so how can that many cities be on the warp list?? And how can that many cities be on the warp list if the character is only at level 1???

What is it that you don’t understand when we tell you to use the edit button and not double post?

and instead of bothering me about technakalities like edit buttons and double posts why don’t the heck you tell me where that lost city is??

Sigh. You still double posted because you posted twice in a row. I’ve played that game inside and out, and I’ve never seen that city before, at least I don’t remember. Are you familiar with the term “photoshopped”?

Game Genie / Action Replay / Gold Finger could give you a list that long from the get go. The city, though, must have been photoshopped in. I can’t find word one about it on google, or gamefaqs.

Jokes aside, I think I remember hearing something about a fake city in Lufia on a chat a while ago, some guy was going crazy looking for it. Everyone agreed that it was a photoshop.

either that, or it is very possible to edit the text of the list with a PAR if you know the right addresses to play with. Hell, it could even be a rom hack of some form or another.

Why why why???

Why waste time doing such a thing??? it’s not funny, nor witty in the least!