Where does one...

…buy OSTs to games?

Specifically, im looking for the Jet Grind Radio OST.

You don’t. You find a track listing, and then search for 'em on Kazaa.


If it’s a rare one, you’ll be heading to eBay.

I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure Kero and Dragon God would.

At which point it most likely makes it so you’ll be going for bootlegs (EA, SM) and you should just get the stuff via file sharing and not waste your money, or you can shell out BIG money. Ask DG, he’ll tell you all about the insane costs of rare STs.

  1. Let Mom Sleep
  2. Humming The Bassline
  3. That’s Enough
  4. Everybody Jump Around
  5. Sneakman
  6. Bout The City
  7. Mischievous Boy
  8. Sweet Soul Brother
  9. Rock It On
  10. Yellow Bream
  11. Electric Tooth Brush
  12. Funky Radio
  13. Moody’s Shuffle
  14. Grace & Glory
  15. Jet Set Medley
  16. K (Toronto) - Jet Set Station
  17. Jet Set Groove #1
  18. Jet Set Groove #2

there’s the track listing. That game had great music.

EDIT: and if you aren’t gonna just download it, you can order it here.

EDIT 2: That’s for the JSR OST. I don’t know if there’s a difference between the JSR and JGR OSTs.