Where did Sir Percival dissappear to?

Seriously, he’s been gone for weeks, and barely anyone has even noticed. I only bring this up because I need his help with something and he’s good at languages.

He got a <i>life</i>. Now post your question in the Homework forum :smiley:

I think people noticed, maybe they just felt it would be better to PM him or something, rather than make a whole thread on it.

Well their judgement sucks, because this is a crisis.

He’s trying to get his lance out of a windmill.

God, CH. He’s not that deluded yet =P

Last I heard, he was taking a break from RPGC for a year or so.
I really really look forward to his return ;_;

:bowser: I noticed too. Percival stop having a life and come back to us purty please.

Oh man, that really REALLY is not cool, I liked Perc!

Come back Perc!

I ask this question all the time.

The coolest thing about Perc was he could educate you without talking down to you, which is sometimes hard over the internet.

I miss Perc :bowser:

i don’t know who you are talking about but i don’t wanna be an outsider, so:


Agreed. He’ll post around sometime, I’m sure.

You fuckers. No one pays attention the 30 times I ask and talk about it.

Edit: Also, you assholes have deserted his channel.

Edit Edit: Shows how much loyalty YOU have!

Why have I not gone to his channel? It’s because he’s not there. He hasn’t been anywhere. I really do hope you were being sarcastic, because I found your comments at least slightly offensive otherwise.

If he wants to come back, he will. If he doesn’t, he won’t.

I WAS kidding. O_o Moses. And you should probably get used to things being slightly offensive, we’re in RPGClassics, you know D:

Someone in the chatroom said he was getting married. I don’t remember who said it and I don’t know whether he was kidding or not, but I had to say it here.

Anyway, here go my two thougts about him. For one thing, he is the only human being ever to dwell in this board. He had the decency of going away without a dramatic “I am going away, everybody say bye to me” thread. And he is the first one (at least from those whom I can remember) to leave and be missed, which shows how important he still is to everybody here.

I wish he’d be back. I always observed him closely to see if I can learn some proper etiquette. I want to follow his example so I can be that charming too.

Percival T.T

The last I hear from him, he was going to study in Europe.

No, actually you’re one of the few people who act like that. Cool it.

I was wondering about Perc the other day, too. I find it odd that he went away from the Boards without talking about it. Remember that he often mentioned suffering from serious depression problems.

I hope he’s OK. If he’s just getting his Life in order, then best wishes. Hey, Perc, if you ever see this: Let us know how you are doing, OK?

We salute you! :enguard: :victoly: