Where are you most ticklish?

Okay another weird tickle ting from me.

Personally I’m most ticklish on my sides, and under my arms. What about you all?

this is a wierd thread but i can say for all guys that it is most tickilish on our balls

Er not mine dude!

i thought they were just naturally ticklilish when other people touch them. mybe not when you aroused but normal they are

or no. tell me if im wrong here

foot and armpits.

Uh…alrighty then Id have to say nowhere. Im not tickalish and this is probably the most wierdest quetstion I had gotten in months.

Sorry dude. but mine are definately not ticklish at all.

My midsection…and arms…and feet…and on the back of my neck. I’m just really hyper-sensitive. >_>

Not ticklish. I have immunity. Proves useful when I tickle girls and they want revenge.


I can be ticklish anywhere depending on my mood.

Normally like me.

I used to be really ticklish all over, but because I was tickled so constantly by relatives at family gatherings, I’m more resistant to it now, then my girlfriend in college did it constantly, and since she wasn’t ticklish at all (much to my dissapointment), I built up further resistance to tickling and poking. I’m now only slightly ticklish around the mid-section. This is quite useful when the jailbait from the Chinese food place next to where I work comes over to ease her boredom.

What she tries tickling you?! Or you tickle her? Coarse if she’s jailbait and your over age, it might land you in trouble to tickle her. HMMMM, I wonder if Luca has any tickle spots? LOL ^^

Yeah. No tickle-balls, sorry.

She started it. I make an effort to avoid tickling her in inappropriate areas.

As for Luca, I wouldn’t know because I can’t read Japanese.

Chinese and Japanese girls are more fun to tickle anyway! Just go for under the arms

Another vote for testicles here.

Again I say, not mine, and EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

my uvula, my duatinum, my cerebrum, and my iris. Try tickling all of them…NOW…I NEED TICKLE!