When NPCs Attack

Methinks Gendal failed to consider the possibility of plot-based injuries, like the death of … um, just about any character who died permanently in cutscenes.

yes, in a cutscene, anything is posable, including death of anyone. being killed by anyone.

Classic case is FF7: you can be blown up, slashed, shot, nuked, set on fire, drowned, electocuted, squashed, burryed, blown away, etc… But one stab in the back… and your a goner…

Yeah … Palmer even gets hit by a truck at the end of one boss-fight, but then he screws with the rocket launch and seems to be just fine.

Logic? in a videogame? What are you talking about?

No, you see, we’re talking about how it may not match what the real world’s like, but it’s halfway internally consistent.

Lets just call it a plothole and get on with our lives.

I feel a matrix joke coming.