When Notepad fails

Some of my pages are way too long for notepad, so I don’t know where else to write them. Dalton suggested this program that I can download, but it isn’t free (thus I’d only have a short trial and I’d be forced to keep downloading it or something). I’d like to use that as a last resort…is there someone else that I can put my text, that wont refuse it when it gets too long? Like…wordpad? I know that it needs to be in shtml form, but I’ve seen uploaded text in wordpad, in shtml form.

There’s another program you can use called EditPlus, and I swear that it’s free. I’ve been using it for a good 2 years now, and it hasn’t expired.

I’d actually recommend using Nvu. It’s an excellent HTML editor that doesn’t create ridiculously bloated code. Just make sure that the “include virtual” comments remain in there (they should) and it’s so much easier than anything else. :sunglasses:

EditPlus, Ediplus 2

I personally like 1st Page, but that’s just me. I still code only in Notepad though. >.>

This is the whole reason I insisted on the sections divided into smaller ones.

Listen to Cless. Use EditPlus2.

Yeah I was recommended to use Nvu too. It’s quite nice and neat.

I suggest you hunt up Notepad +, which is a free program that has the same general features as Notepad, but with unlimited space. Only drawback is the scroll button on the mouse might not work.

Wordpad or OpenOffice. Those are my suggestions.

And Wordpad saves as .rtf

That’s like saying Notepad saves as .txt. You can change the file extension.

I used DreamWeaver MX, but hey… Notepad worked for me whenever I had to do it.


Well, by default, it does. Can’t save .doc, which is what I’d prefer, but oh well.

Exactly. That must be a huge page. I’ve never filled notepad up for a webpage before, although one of my .shtml files was nearly 900kb. I would listen to Dalton since he was the one who recommended editplus.

If you have access to a Unix(hoping that’s right?) machine, then use “gedit”, that’s always good, and it also has colour-coding, which is THE Most handy thing ever.


Gack, if you have access to a Unix machine, burn it and get Windows XP. 8p If you actually care about gaming at all, that is.

I have a Windows machine in my room, this is the main one that we use for the internet and such; just saves a load of hassle. - Windows has NEVER been good by me, or anybody I know, in any case really.

I just downloaded EditPlus 2 as well… nice!