When it Rains...

Well it’s been raining here continuously for the past week and nothing but clouds and perhaps the odd ray of sunlight here and there. So, just wandering…

What would you prefer to use?

Cuz I’m stylish as fuck.

and or

A hat’s always been fine for me. I work outside, by the way.

At least you’re getting rain and not snow. It’s just barely starting to melt here.

Someone just watched Blade Runner.

I would wear a hood, why is that not an option?

I didn’t just watch blade runner. I watched it like 20 years ago. This is just a cool umbrella and a great invention. If you’re walking in the rain there is a higher chance of getting hit by a car. Or in the darkness at night you dont have a free hand to shine a flash light if you need to see something. I realize that you were trying to belittle me for the sole purpose of pointing out that you are aware of what this umbrella is from, even though you have probably never seen the movie, you probably just recognize the item from various online nerd stores like thinkgeek.com. However I am not impressed nor am I feeling belittled.

Hood is not an option because nobody just wears a hood. They wear a hoodie sweatshirt or a cloak or some kind of jacket with a hood attached to it.

Yeah, I too like wearing a hood in the rain… I must have forgot that option. ^^

A giant bubble suit.

Nothing at all for me. Or rather, swimming trunks. I woulod be in a swimming pool.

Coat with a hood, or a hat if I’m at work (I also spend a decent amount of work outside, in Seattle).

A rubber ducky.

I was just letting you know that I knew where it was from. Not everybody is always trying to kill you every time.

Rain is a free shower, lern2punx.