When is the next RPGCali meet, fools?


Yeah good point, we need to start planning the Summer one.

omg i can drive now!

Before anyone asks, Frame has sworn a blood oath to never host one again. Unless you already knew.

I might actually show up at this one, if I’m invited, and for some reason it’s near San Francisco and in late June/Early July.

Maybe Kero would put up with us again.

But arent there any RICH people that come to RPGC? That have a mansion? And like expensive shit lying around their house?

There’d be an outside chance for me to be able to go if y’all actually planned it to be when I’m in California this summer. And an even better chance if it was held in Northern California.

SoCal 4-eva, byatch!

On second thought, I probably wouldn’t go, regardless of the circumstances. =P

Why not?

I’d probably be butting heads with everyone. =P Plus, the odds of me going to SoCal is very, very, very, very low.

Maybe I’ll just visit you instead, CH. <3

Ooooh baby.

But yeah go for that, everyone is gradually moving to the Bay Area anyway, it’s only a matter of time.

The next RPGCali meet is in August when I move in with Chuh. Hahahaha. Hahaha.

Just tell me when and where.

Fer reals? :smiley:

I don’t blame him…his place was a total wreck after people started leaving. >.>

Yeah, I just finished cleaning up last week. But 18 people in 1 house it’s not unexpected that it would be a wreck after.

We should’ve been more cognizant of the messes we were making and taking care to clean them up regularly. Instead of the Rock band “trash the hotel room and bail” type thing we ended up doing to your house, Frame. It occured to me that someone should’ve been more proactive in organizing/directing that effort… I kinda wish I’d done that.

Yeah, I thought were were without a place this time around and that had put the kibosh on holding a meet this time around, or at least it had put the kibosh until someone could lead the charge to decide on a place.

SG and Chuh being roomies, of course, creates a natural NorCal host site. Unless… you guys are going to be in a proper apartment type dealio, right, and not an on-campus dorm like you were in last year, right CH? [Cuz there’d be like, no room for anybody in one of those].

Pretty much. You’re not invited btw

Hey, I did my share on cleaning up while I was there. I kept picking up numerous cans all over the place. Oh, and not to mention a certain incident.
(certain person who shall remain nameless here) oh noez I spilled teh coke on the carpet stares at carpet for 10 seconds hypnotized looking at the coke drieing up
(person) drops single tissue on huge puddle omg does not look like it’s working, wtfz0r?
(DT) … gets salt, a piece of wet fabric and cleans up mess
And august is kinda late, I doubt I’d be able to make it then.