Wheee! I'm so happy!

As a fan of Thief 1 and 2, I’d like to say…


i had theif 1…never really played it…

Ohhhh, nice.

Sounds pretty cool, but as I’m not an X-Box fan (PS2 ALL THE WAY!!) I won’t be able to play it

… but it’s also being released on PC. That’s what has me excited, since I want to borrow my boyfriend’s copies of 1 and 2 to try. I’ve got to tell him about this - he’ll love it.

since i’ve never played any of these games before, i have to ask:

a)what are they like?

b)are they worth buying?

I can’t comment on the second one since I haven’t played it, but here’s a brief description of the first one. Think metal gear solid, first person view, set in medievil times, it needs alot of stealth and cunning. I can’t really remember much of the story of the games but you basically steal valuable things from places. It’s also slightly reminiscent of Hitman, where depending on how good you do on a level (stealth, amount of enemies killed, extra items found, secrets, etc.)you can buy extra and better equipment before entering a level.

All around, it’s a good game and it’s worth the < £20 that it’s going for now.

I’ve always heard Thief 2 was better.

Thief 2 IS better, but Thief 1 is NOT to be missed.

Generally though, it’s just as Urkani says: think Metal Gear Solid, with Snake stealing anything that isn’t nailed down and on fire.

While that’s the main point of the game, there IS actually a plot that is revealed gradually, most of it centered on the conflict between the two main religious groups in the city.

Although, thinking of it actually, it’s not so much medival times as late 19th century, with magic and rather advanced tech. Kinda like Jules Verne, perhaps. I mean Garret (the main character) can use remote controlled, wireless camera (the Scouting Orb) which directly sends images to his mechanical eye.

Still, it is very, VERY cool.