Whats your opinion on fanfiction?

Fanfics expand the scope of the world beyond what 1 author can write
VERSUS Fanfics add meaningless fluff to the world of anime/manga…
this is just oe of the prompts in the anime expo forums. i just want to know what your opinions are of it. now only take one side too.

Fanfics are personal projects whose main purpose is to satisfy their writers. They have no standard of quality beyond what the author wants to give them. So if a fangirl wants to write hardcore yaoi stories with utterly bad grammar, she has all the right in the world to do so and we can’t complain unless they are breaking the rules of the forum they are presented in.

THAT said, if you want to please an audience beyond yourself you’d better learn to at least write clearly and be respectful of the characters and their fans.And if you plan to be a professional (as in, PAID) writer someday you’d DAMN better learn to write well.

I don’t think there’s such a thing as a professional fanfic writer.

On the other hand, there’s the Halo, GOW, Star wars, Star Treak, etc, etc, etc books.

Not to mention Starcraft and Mass Effect

Companies will sometimes employ writers to write what is essentially professional fanfiction that are treated as canon to add more depth to the fiction they’re trying to provide, but this is rare.

looks up from working on the last stretch towards having over one and a half million written words of fanfiction Hmm?

Still, fan-fanfics are fucking terrible.

Not gonna argue with you there, DR, as that’s true for about 90% of it. About 8% is alright to good, and the remaining 2% are worth dying for.

Isn’t that true for all literature?


I was quoting Strurgeon’s Rule: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ptitle3tinj4tz

:stuck_out_tongue: Not that I agree with it, just saying.