What's your favorite gaming website?

For me it used to be Gamespot and IGN, but I just recently started getting into Kotaku. Even if they don’t any more or less concrete news than the aforementioned, they still have a shit-ton more feature articles. And few of them are less than entertaining

RPGamer, RPGFan, gamefaqs.com and here.

This site, Something Awful, and RPGLand.

1up was very good up until last year but all the intrusive ads and the scant reviews/previews have left me disenfranchised.

Usually, GameFAQs, GBAtemp, Kotaku, NeoGAF (occasionally; funny threads), and of course, here.

For me, it started with this website (RPGClassics - being a big-time rpg fan and all!) then GameFAQS (practically answered any question I had) , Neoseeeker (if gameFAQS didn’t have what I wanted.) Also Gamespot.

Kotaku, JoyStiq, Gametrailers, RPGC, GameFAQs.

Does TPB count? Also it used to be PSPmod until I got permabanned.

You got permabanned from somewhere?..Shocking!

It is really not my fault, some mod-troll pinned me with multi-accounting. In the end, there just wasn’t enough room for two trolls on PSPmod.

So in other words, even if you’re banhammered, you’ll still come back in different accounts until you’re completely permabanned, and afterwords you go find some other site to spam with useless comments until permabanned again.

That doesn’t seem to be the most sound forum-going strategy. Considering that most boards are interactive communities, running around acting like the village idiot for the desperate endeavor of attention seeking does not foster good relationships and in fact may lead to Cyber-Bullying.

The tl;dr is that if you were a bit nicer or more thoughtful with what you say you wont encounter nearly as many mod-trolls.

Question: What the fuck just happened?


I used to go to 1up before it collapsed. I mostly visit Kotaku for news. Occasionally I go to Bitmob.

IGN’s a joke and Gamespot lost all credibility with what happened to Gerstmann. I’m surprised anyone even goes to RPGFan, they give glowing reviews to everything, including games like Ar Tonelico.

I hardly see RPGfan go above a 7.5. Granted they hardly go below. My problem with them is they tend to review the Japanese import before the US version comes out. Things are added, removed, or otherwise tweaked for the US version, which could otherwise affect the score.

I vaguely remember that Gerstmann issue. What happened with that?

I like IGN for their sheer variety of features across different platforms. They seem to be a bit generous with their reviews (I love Bayonetta, but a 9.x? I don’t think so).

IGN: you just pointed out why they (and RPGFan) lack credibility.

Gerstmann: he gave Kane and Lynch a bad score at the same time Gamespot was literally plastered with Kane and Lynch ads. He was fired and Eidos removed their ads after getting metric tons of hate mail.

All I use is gamefaqs, or whatever google pulls up if I can’t find it there.

IGN is more of a paid advertisement site than a gaming/review site. On the reviewing side of things, I find Metacritic to be rather useful, especially for controversial games.

The only reviews I trust lack punctuation.

I don’t want to say much, so as not to cause trouble for the site I write for…but man, Metacritic is the devil. Trust.

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