Whats your favorite FF character? I will keep track of the results.

I know this topic has been done before but I need to make it where it shows the results and I guess thats my job. =D
So just tell me your favorite character and list which game its from. I will start.

I choose Barret FFVII.

Barret FFVII - 1

Wow, given your name, I never would have guessed.

Also, if you’d taken the time to look at the first thread in this forum, you’d notice a title bearing an incredible similarity to yours. I’m going to stop now because I don’t have anything else to add that wouldn’t be blunt insults.

I think he was saying the point of this thread was to actually keep track of which character got how many votes, which the stickied thread doesn’t.

Yes. If you actuallt read what I had to say in my first post, I wrote that “I know this topic has been done before but I need to make it where it shows the results as well.” So can people start voting now…

Go back to the other one stickied at the top of the page, and tally up the votes there.

To expand slightly on my earlier post here: why would people want to bother repeating themselves when there is already a perfectly fine topic established for essentially the same purpose, and as DR suggests, no one is preventing you from tallying the other thread.

MEHH!! Fine, I am sorry I am such a bad person for making a topic…

To add on, I can’t tally there votes just for the fact I haven’t played every FF and they didn’t list what game their character was from. Plus, half the people voted for more then 1 person.

Your loss.


Look up the character’s names and lo, like magic it will take you to a place where your questions will be answered.

Wikipedia and the FF Compendium are also good choices.

Personally I’d go with the Compendium. After all that is the site of this place. So keep the loyality.

And anyway, it is easier to find info. On the characters, and all sorts of other stuff too.