What's wrong with XS vs XG

Here’s what happened in XG: there was thorough development and resolution of the story lines of the large majority of characters. XS has some interesting bits and by the third game they figued out how to make the game enjoyable to play, which the first 2 were not. What they didn’t figure out was how to tell a story. The majority of characters were 2-dimensional and rapidly disposed off with limited explanation. Examples: Pellegri, Virgil, Mizrahi, many many more,

The entire game proceeds with a lot of wasted cryptic dialogue that means nothing. I like cryptic dialogue. I like foreshadowing things. But the the thing is, this game has little foreshadowing. You’re a drunken frat boy meandering in a dark closet for the beer you dropped til someone opens the door, throws you around and tosses you into another closet while you’re dazed and confused. Rinse and repeat until they give you your damn beer.

Okay, okay, just to be fair: Rico and Emeralda were just as if not even more important than the ones you mentioned and they got screwed over completely. Emmy’s growth makes sense only once you understand the workings of XG’s nanomachines and what she was supposed to be (Both almost impossible without reading Perfect Works), while Rico gets that flashback with his mother at the beginning, then the two lines from Hammer and that’s it.

Both games got the shaft pretty badly, XG because of the rushed Disc 2 and XS because the writer who created this giant web of WTF left and took all the explanations with her. I would have loved to see the face of whoever’s done the new scripts when they dumped the stuff on him and told him “Find an explanation for all this shit”.

I should note, I’ve still not played XSIII (IT’SNOTHERYETGRRRRR!!!), but I’d just like to be fair with those that think XG is the epitome of storytelling. It’s beautifully intricate once you get all the information that didn’t make it into the game, but by itself, it did a really lousy job of clearing things up.

Most of the information is inside XG. I played through it enough.

XSIII makes a few nasty transgressions. I’ll give them this: they handled Voyager well.

From what I understand, XS was supposed to be a series of seven games (not 100% sure of the number, but it was more than three). Three has been the announced end of the series, as far as I’ve heard. Thus, they could’ve either left things unresolved/unexplained or tried to jam it all in there. I’m happier with a few loose ends myself.

Six actually, but you got the rest pretty much right. Once Saga left the project, they were forced to hire a new writer and combine his work with the bits Saga left behind, thus came Episode II. Realising how things were going after that and the general feeling of disappointment, they decided to cut the project down to three.

In an interview with IGN, Gamestop or one of those sites that I can’t tell apart from each other, Konami has said that Episode III is “The end of Shion’s arc” and that should there be good sales, the possibility of continuing the saga “may be there”. Of course, translated from corporate speech that’s more or less: “Shut up and buy. We’ll see if we can milk it even more later”.

I don’t have quite the same issues with the story as Sinistral does, but I can see where it lacks in the grand scheme of things. Personally I’m just glad to see that there is SOME resolution to a few things, but this is mostly due to the fact that I RP Ziggy at VideolandMush and knowing the full story makes things easier for me.

It’s too bad that Xenosaga had to turn out this way. If Monolith made the game system like this from the first game it probably would have become much more popular than it was. The majority of complaints I’ve heard about people who played the first two episodes were about the game’s system. Sadly, even though Episode III’s system is much better too many people are alienated from the series to check it out. I say they should at least rent it and see, but what can ya do?

As for the XS vs XG development, I mostly agree with Seraphim. Some characters got attention in both games, and some got shafted. I was really interested in Rico’s story in XG, and was disappointed that he never got more attention than he did. (Rico and Ziggy, it’s always the tank-characters that get my attention in RPGs)

I still think Virgil was handled pretty well, as well as I would have expected, anyway. My biggest complaint is that his story was left too late. Sure, his role on the Woglinde makes much more sense NOW, but it’s a bit too late for it. He was more or less a no-show in Episode II, so him all of a sudden taking a major role in the story was a bit surprising.

The whole thing on Old Miltia did seem like game-filler. For about 1/3 of the game you don’t accomplish a whole lot, and just see scene after scene while being led on by the Testaments. I think things might have been better if we knew the whole story behind Old Miltia from the get-go. Or most of it, anyway.

Though I think the story picked back up on the second disc, when Yuriev and Sellers came back into play. I’m just disappointed that Sellers’ role was nothing more than a stalling tactic (much like Citrine).

Though I think the character that got shafted the most was Pellegri. She lingers in the background for most of the series, you never get to know much about her at all. Then at the very end she throws all this dialogue at Jin, and dies.

Right now I’m at the Archon Cathedral, right before Voyager. The ES Dan owned me the first time I fought it, so I’ll try again when I get home from work. I’m very glad to see so many Pied Piper references, though. I’ve been looking forward to that since reading the Pied Piper translation project by Chaoslace. Voyager’s an interesting villain, especially when you know his backstory.

I’m not holding my breath on there being a Xenosaga IV. I really stopped caring about the Xenogears-relation after playing the first episode, and I just got into the story of Shion’s arc. Since that’s over I really don’t have any huge interest in what happens after this. IF they make an Episode IV I may check it out eventually, but I won’t be waiting with baited breath like I was with Episode III.

It must suck to like Rico and Ziggy considering that they are just about the worst characters in both sagas, apart from Chu Chu and Episode I’s MOMO :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Rico and Ziggy are cool. Granted, Ziggy is developed quite a bit more than Rico ever was.

What intrigued me about Ziggy was that for Episode I he seemed to be the party member that just got dragged along with everything. He didn’t have any main investment with the bigger plot going on. He wasn’t ‘speshul’ like the others, he was easier to identify with in that regard.

Plus I’ve always liked strength and nobility in the character of RPG heroes.

Then came the end of Episode II which showed us he had a much bigger connection to the goings on than we thought. The Pied Piper game developed Ziggy’s backstory considerably (why, oh why did it have to be a cell phone game?) and showed that he was much more involved in things without him even realizing it.

As for his battle usage, Ziggy was almost always in my party for all three Xenosaga games, and I’ve never felt gimped by it. He’s been a solid character for all three games. Especially in Episode III, Penetrate and Hind are awesome, if… oddly named.

Ziggy wasn’t that great in Eps 1 and 2. He is very good in 3 though.

I was speaking merely from the gameplay point of view, I did like them as characters. Ep.I’s Ziggy and Rico feel practically the same: Strong and though, but nor enough to make up for their low speed and, In Rico’s case, crappy accuracy. Ep.II’s Ziggy might be a bit better, but the way the game works, he’s the one character that I thought was in the way. Jin and KOS-MOS worked just as well as tanks, were faster, could use more Ether and could Air opponents. chaos at least compensated by being a good healer, Ziggy just falls short.

Good to know they balanced him in Episode III. I actually do like him a lot.

Ziggy is a machine of death in 3. His human-only near-autostun move mixed with his many good Break attacks and generally good moves, added to his tanktastic HP make him a solid fighter.

His speed isn’t even an issue. He’s third in the party, meaning he often gets to finish off people with a special.

I loved choking Shion so fucking much. Oh god.

I just finished XS III.


I just got through that battle.

I wish I could do it again.

100 times.

Currently at the final boss, but it will have to wait till tomorrow. Have to hit the sack for work tomorrow.

Final battle BGM is kickin’, though.

Its an easy fight.

Argh, I need to play Episode 3. Very soon. Argh.

Who the hell is Rico?

Ricardo Banderas from Xenogears. The guy who looks like Blanka.

Just finished the game now myself. Very… uh… interesting.

I admit, the ending didn’t go quite like I thought it would, I wouldn’t say it was BAD, but it was… different.

It seems like Namco went to lengths to tie into Xenogears afterall. Or, at least as much as they legally COULD have. I used to believe that Xenosaga was better off being seperate entirely from XG. Now it looks like XS isn’t the canon past of XG as we knew it, but rather an alternate timeline. It’s how the past events of XG COULD have gone.

I disagree. I don’t think they linked the 2 very much at all.