What's up with the stupid yellow arrows?


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Well they are supposed to be quick links to either the first unread post by you or the last post made on a thread.

I never bother using them though.

He means why are they so gay looking. They suck, and don’t work well on any of the themes.

I have to agree.

Hey guys, here’s an idea, shut up and be patient for the old images to be fixed up and re-added and new ones to be made. Your bitching about every little thing isn’t going to help anything.

Sure it can!

I think they’re sexy,
hot yellow & sexy arrows

Says the dude with the bloody chick for his avatar.

OH yeah? They’re pretty nice for arrows that are yellow! (Gotcha, spazzy! :p)

They’re the only colours that work well with every colour scheme.

While we’re semi on it… Damage, what DOES the text in your avatar say? I know I might regret being curious, but it’s been bugging me for ages :stuck_out_tongue:

But Kargon likes getting angry at people, I’ve noticed.

As far as yellow arrows go, they’re not bad. As for fitting in with the site, they do suck. I’m jsut going to wait a while though before complaining, the staff seems to be doing a find job with the updates.

Kagon doesn’t get mad at people often, or at least not that I’ve noticed. And everyone just shut the fuck up and let those who are working on it work on it. They’re only little yellow arrows, it’s nothing to complain about.

It’s the eyebrows. They’re taking over his brain.


Jeeze I was just asking a question, I wasn’t bitching or anything. No need to pop a fuse.