What's up guys?

Hey everyone, what’s up? My name is Tim and I’m new here. I’m from New York city, where are you guys from?

Welcome, Tim. We’re from all over the World here, literally. I’m from Puerto Rico, and we’ve had members from Canada, South America, England, The Netherlands, even China. Truly an international board/club, RPGC is. All united by our love of cool stuff (not just games) and our sense of humor. :wink:

Btw is that your real name? Most people these days never use their names as their online handle, for both security and coolness reasons… then again I didn’t realize that when I joined, so yes, I used my real name too. Too late to change it now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, hope you enjoy the place, check out all our boards and don’t take anything said here too seriously. Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:

Welcome! I’m from San Diego myself. By your joining, I’m assuming you like videogames. Have any favorites?

I just noticed a bizarre similarity between this post and another one. Interesting.

Yes, I’m pretty sure this and the others are some sort of spambot.

I don’t see any Spam in the post above. Thought it might just be to fend us off, then post it later, since we’ve already caught on the ones that had links from the start.

Wouldn’t surprise me if it is a bot.
Maybe they’re getting smarter… (doubt it)

We’ll know if the other ones start getting teeth whitening gel advertisements in their signatures.

It could just be a lack of creativity on the part of the second poster.