Whats the possibility of a Dragonball expanded universe?

With long shows about young Master Roshi, mini series about kid Vegeta, Future Trunks after returning to the future and how he deals with Buu, OVAs about the adventures of Mr. Satan and Fat Buu, ect.

I don’t think buu would be easily resurrected in future Trunks world. No enough Sayan power to power him up.

DB is so old I’d say the chances are small. Just because like, it is what it is. Like Evangelion. Leave it alone. Don’t reach for more.

Hades, never understimate the power of cash-hungry franchise holders. After all, did ANY of us ever expect “Dragonball: Evolution?” O.o

Toriyama is probably not interested in revisiting the material, they made him stretch DBZ for several seasons more than he wanted, and GX was done completely without his approval. So any new stuff probably won’t be seen as being “official” to many fans, and would have to be done without his personal touch, which is what made DB so good in the first place. Thankfully DBE tanked, or we would be subjected to more of THAT. :eek:

Though I do foresee Toriyama revisting his creations someday… but not soon.

No. Just no.

It’s called GT and to answer the OP’s question, they already have. It’s called GT and it sucked.

I hope that answered your question.

There is that Dragon Ball Online MMO coming out eventually. From what I’ve heard it follows Toriyama’s canonical material (ie, no GT), but who knows how much, if any, elaboration on other parts of the series it’ll get to do.

Mostly it just seems to take place in the future DB world where you get to play a human, namek, or majin (no saiyans, they gone) and level up and eventually get to go back in time and participate in big fights from the series.


Toriyama will never, ever get into a DB project again as anything but credited supervisor, if anything. The guy is fucking sick of it. He did the One Piece crossover because he’s friends with Oda, but that just served to prove how detached from it he is afterwards when he couldn’t even remember half his characters in an interview.

With four different manga series, a couple of which, including the most important one, are still running, and a gigantic remake project with theatrical release movies, Evangelion is pretty much the farthest you can get from a good example of what you’re saying.

They already made a movie about Goku’s father, a movie about future Trunks, filler about Goku meeting Master Roshi’s mentor, some manga crossovers between Goku and some silly guys I think from another the author’s other series and a short one piece, dragonball crossover. They made a story about Goku’s great grandson or some descendent. Granted they could do a lot more, but they have already started.

I personally think that he planned to hold up a liquor store or gas station or something like that.

DBZ was a great show but don’t you think things should end without ya know… Selling out?