What's the most depressing name you've ever heard?

To me the name Sara seems depressing.

rainbeau (pronounced rainbow)

anything with more than one ‘u’ in it.

Pierson. =P

No, really, I think ‘Jesse’ or it’s variations are kinda dumb.

The name Malcolm. Or Dexter. Or Alfonzo.

Depressing name…hmm, that’s a tough one for me.

I’d have to go with Cletus.

Mandy… horrible

Vincent or…Richard…or Edgar Allen Poe(more crazy)

Soledad. Which is a Spanish female name that means “Loneliness”.

Now why would any parent name his or her daugther “Loneliness?” Talk about ill omens! :noway:

George Bush


And any of those Leu-Ann, Becky-sue, Marry-lu types of names.

Redneck names depress me.

mon mothma

Raymond Vermeulen

Cuba Gooding Jr


As a last name or first.

Kaiba, yugi, or anything else related to that death cult

Cruz. This time the fuckwit has gone too far! :-/

Steve Fredrickson