What's the dealio with Star Trek: Enterprise?

Is this series supposed to take place before or after the events of the other TV series? Because A. The ship looks too modern as opposed to say the other Enterprises (except E, perhaps), and B. Apparently they’re gonna face the Borg in a few future episodes, and the Borg never found the Federation until Q introduced them to Picard in TNG.

is confused

It’s set before, but they couldn’t think of any decent storylines so they bring back old favourites (like the Borg) and then conveniently forget about them so that the countinuity isn’t damaged. -_-

And as for the GFX, well, would you prefer to have Lost-in-space style special effects and acting? :stuck_out_tongue: although the Robot would be a cool addition to any cast, and Dr. Smith remains the greatest sci-fi villain of all time.

Oh, the pain, the pain! :o

It’ll all be explained with a spacetime loop or a transporter malfunction in one of the future episodes. nod, nod There’s a reason why I don’t watch it.

Scott Bakula rules and all, but that show is shit. The timeline has been fucked up since day one, which is the main reason I dont watch it. Watch the original series, and watch enterprise and you’ll see some pretty major technological differences. And yes, Enterprise is set before all the other series.

For example, in one episode of the original series, the one where you meet the Romulans for the first time, Kirk explains that when the federation first encountered the romulans, there were no viewscreens, so the captains of the ships couldn’t see eachother.

The ship in enterprise is the first starship voyage into space ever. What do they have? Viewscreens!

In the original series, they had laser packs that had to be recharged. These laser packs are like clips that go in guns. Laser clips if you will. I haven’t watched enterprise in a while, but I dont remember them having those.

Stuff like this is what made the show crap. I would watch it just for the hot vulcan chick and Scott Bakula, but then I’d have to endure the hereasy of it all.


Star Trek rocks man, I’ve got to be one of the biggest Star Trek fans on this board, and watching the series timeline get assraped by Enterprise makes baby jesus cry.

Well, shit. That kinda rubs me the wrong way…although it’s a regret that the original series happened at all, then, because Enterprise looks nicer and all.

The only decent star trek series are the old ones, the one with cmd. kirk and the “cardboard” enterprise, i mean those series rocked. These new ones have too many shit on them, too many aliens on the crew and they are all pretty stupid, not to mention the terrible new stories

For starters, Kirk was a Captain, he was never a Commander. After the series ended, he became an Admiral.

Secondly, I’ve never really liked the original series. It’s cool once in a while, but I can see why it was cancelled.

Star Trek: The Next Generation is arguably the best, with Voyager coming in second, for me at least. I thought DS9 was ok up until it got stupid around the third season.

I’ve seen 2 episodes of Enterprise: the premiere and the one where they hinted at the Borg collective. I hated that first episode, which explains why I didn’t see any others until the Borg one. The latter was pretty cool, and my caring for the series timeline is overridden by my love for the Borg. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are perks to that show, maybe even enough to make it worth watching. But man oh man, does that opening theme song BLOW.

Originally posted by Sorcerer
For starters, Kirk was a Captain, he was never a Commander.

lol, whatever dude… all the same to me

The only one I’ve seen more than 5 minutes of was the one where that one guy got “pregnant,” and the Klingons were all laughing at him… I laughed with em :slight_smile:

But uh… yeah I think this could be another reason why I do’nt watch it. I just talked to tgd and he’s confused as crap too. shrug

Well, the episode I was watching part of, they met some aliens that could drive pods down to the surface of the sun, could scan like 100000% times better than the Enterprise, and had a souped up warp core. And were good chefs.

Under such situations I would say, let’s make THEM the new leaders of the fedaration (they both have the same golas) but we never see these aliens again in the rest of the ST universe…go figure…

Trust me, the show sucks majorly. Think about it, what can a ship, with no shields, do against the Borg? Hell the Enterprise in Next Gen was fairly advanced and it barely got away. They just have too many timeline inconsistancies to make the show worth while, which is a shame because it had promise.

if the producers had truly intended for it to take place before all the other series, they would have (somehow) made it look more old-timey than the ones w/ cap. kirk.

One of the problems with making Enterprise was that we have better technology now, in 2003, than they supposedly have however many hundred years later in the original series. So it was like, hard to compromise or something.

:wink: As Enterprise is my favoritest show maybe I should add something…or not!!! hahaha!.. anyway the borg thing is fine because they are there because of the events of First Contact in which the borg time traveled to before the time of Enterprise. As someone else said the ship looks modern and junk because well…if it looked worse than TOS enterprise then it wouldn’t look much better than a styrofoam cup or something… They do change some things from how TOS did it but if it bothers you then it takes place in an alternate reality. Haha! take that!

Lemme put it this way: Enterprise kinda sucks. They just can’t come up with new material, so they just come up with old crap. Who cares? None of the new shows compare to the original and TNG.

TBH when I watch it I couldn’t give a rip about the timeline… I’m a Star Trek fan but no way am I hardcore, I just watch it for the entertainment… it’s their show, if they want to contradict themselves then go ahead, so long as it’s entertaining :slight_smile:

And DS9 was my favourite by miles :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Avery Brooks was the best commander IMO, closely followed by Picard.

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As anyway the borg thing is fine because they are there because of the events of First Contact in which the borg time traveled to before the time of Enterprise.

In case you forgot, the TNG crew defeated the Borg Queen and destroyed the remaining Borg that were on the ship in pre-warp earth. Therefore, other than the Borg attack on the launch site of Zephrim Coachrin, the Borg had no further interference with the happenings, especially since the beacon they tried to put together was destroyed by Warf.

Besides, if the borg had succeded, the entire Star Trek timeline would be massivly skewed, and that would have also occured in the movie. Hell, you make it sound like the movies actually take place in the real star trek timeline…

I am a hardcore Star Trek fan, me and my dad put together our own book about the history of star fleet. So nyah.

gwarrr, CELES!!!

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