What's the best thing your Momma ever did for you?

In honor of Mother’s Day, I think we should all try to remember something great about our Mom’s.

Like, for instance, the best thing my Momma ever did for me was believe in me and in every eccentric idea that popped in my head, as long as it wasn’t TOO out there.

What about ya’ll?

(It should be noted that I only came up with this after Wilfredo made his thread in the Main forum. See, I’m no glory hog)

She cooked a countless number of meals for me. All of which tasted better than anything I could come up with on my own. I miss being a kid. :frowning:

My mother gave life to me, raised me, freed me from my abusive father, taught me to work hard, set a good example of just how to live your life, and believed in me more than anyone else in my family. I can’t thank her enough.

As someone who has despised school since day one of kindergarten, she has encouraged me and supported me throughout the years - hassled me and grounded me, yelled at me and held me, and now I’m graduating.

Thanks mom :slight_smile:

Generally putting up with me, heaven knows I’m not easy, and working so hard to keep everything in place even though she’s mostly alone.

But particularly: When I was in early primary (Six/seven/eight years old) I used to work really hard and school, always got good grades and read a lot. That made me pretty freaking weird and I tended to act kinda lonely. So one of my classmates MOTHERS told the others she thought I was a “weird” kid and due to that they started to act distant around me (Like not letting their children play with me). I should mention that in that school, kids where like racing horses, everyone was competing to see who was the best.

Long story short, my mom found out and started arguing with her. The thing got really heated up because the woman had issues with something (I can’t imagine what I could have done though) and my mother, the woman who must have never raised an arm against anything with a pulse, bitch-slapped her right in front of the entire school leaving her cold on her feet. The woman turned around and left and a while later some of the other mothers apologized to me.

That had to be one of my greatest memories from primary.

I can’t think of the best thing my Mom did for me, because she’s done so much. Mothers in our culture are expected to do so much, and Mom has done more than that in my mind.

Thanks so much Mom. I love you!

That is the coolest thing I have read in months. 8)

Well, obviously, the most important thing our mothers did for us is give birth to us. That ain’t so EASY, you know. Try being pregnant for nine months if you don’t believe it. Oh, and I was her NINTH child (Puerto Rican families used to be VERY large. But we’ve gotten wiser :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

But of course, nobody can call him or herself a true parent unless they love and support their children. My mom certainly put me ahead of everything else in those 13 years I had her.

Gracias, Mama. :slight_smile:

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It’d take too long to name all the great things my mother’s done for me. She birthed me, fed me, taught me everything, played mother and father due to my dad being home on very few instances due to his very demanding job, and basically put up with my stupidity throughout my whole life. Here I am today, intelligent and nice, and it’s all thanks to her.
I love you mom :slight_smile:

Managed to keep the house my siblings and I grew up in after a messy divorce.