What's goin' on during my Basic/AIT


Hey guys! It’s me HR on pass during my 8th week of Basic training. So far I’ve been roughing it but surviving. The training is awesome though, especially the weapons and M203 grenade launchers we’ve used so far. My Drill Sergeants aren’t as bad as a typical Drill Sergeant except for DS Powell who can be awesome when normal but Satan when pissed. Hopefully these sites might fill you in on the shit I have to do and go through while I’m here. Have fun!

Herr Rommel

Merry belated birthday dood! :yipee:

How are you posting in boot camp?

Cant read can you? Said he’s on pass.

WTF are you talking about? Also, it is straneg to me since I only got 2 calls in boot camp, 1 to say I was there and another midway to say how I was doing for 10 mintues, but that was it. So using the internet in boot camp is a foreign concept to me.

OMGWTFBBQ, you still cant read. So really, who cares what’s a foriegn concept to you? Seems he’s not in bassackwards Meatshield Corps. Seeing as how it doesnt say, “Parris Island, where you WILL lose your anal virginity.”

Have you worked at becoming this big of a bitch or does it just come naturally?

Edit: I only saw this because I wanted to put Sohee and deadbitch on my ignore lists, but I can’t ignore Sohee because of status so it didn’t add deadbitch either. deadbitch is now ignored and it feels phenomenal. At least if I ever go over to Iraq or Afgahnistan, I’ll already have anger and as one of my drill instructors told my platoon and I, “Anger is a gift.” I’ve got enough anger to last me awhile. I’ll jsut think of deadbitch and I’ll be all set.

EDIT2: The reason that posting on the internet is strange and foreign to me is because it doens’t seem like something that should be allwoed in boot camp. It’s liek things are going soft, granted we are in two different services, but still. What happened to several grueling weeks of nothing but letters home?

Haha fuckstick you didnt ignore me. I win.

Also, it comes naturally.

Uhh, deadtear…other than being an asshole, what’s your problem? He was just asking a simple question ffs. No more drugs, viet-girl.
And mucho congrats, HR. Good luck!

Hey meat-heads, why don’t you both go shoot something. assholes.

Aldred, you obviously dont know me. If you did, you’d know where the fucking vietnamese girl came from and you’d know that I have a serious hatred for idiots, like you if you persue this line of questioning.

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I don’t know what I’d do if you hated me. Probably nothing, since I could care less. And yes, it IS obvious that I don’t know you; otherwise, I wouldn’t bother asking why you’re being an ass, I’d already know. I suppose everyone else on the internet must know where the viet-girl thing comes from and they just didn’t tell me.

Nontheless, I was out of line in calling you an asshole, and there’s no reason for you to be so damn rude when someone’s just asking about the thread. Chill, let’s not start a flame thing. This thread belongs to HR.

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Welcome to the ignore lists, make yourself comfortable. You’re calling em stupid, you’re the one trying to bring back an old arguement. Good bye. :cool:

You don’t need to tell us you’re ignoring people. We don’t care. Or I don’t, whatever. Frankly, I think both sides of the arguments are acting like children with an overly large stock of curse words. And fucking christ, stop turning other people’s threads into your personal bitchfests.

I’m not, but when someone jsut lashes at me, I’m gonna say something. I’m trying to tell Jango to let it die so that there isn’t a bunch of bitching. I’m letting Jango know that I have him on my ignore lists so that he doesn’t bother wasting his time insulting me again. Believe it or not, but message board fights aren’t my thing. Besides, I’m addressing this very calmly since deadbitch already got me warned, I need people to avoid trying to provoke me since I don’t want to get banned. Also, if you don’t want to hear about it, ignore me, I don’t give a fuck. Also, if you look at the threads, you will see that I didn’t start the arguements, I merely replied and then contiued or furthered them.

The “he threw the first punch” idea is bullshit, it takes two people to have a fight or an arguement. Sure, their comments were uncalled for, but not only did you respond once (with a malicious responce no less), but once you got his attention with it and someone responded, you continued to do so again. That doesn’t exempt you or anyone else, it took you quite a while to decide to leave, and you gave them the satifaction of getting you riled. It’s like a fucking high school here, you showed them that you’re going to respond to their shit, so of course they aren’t going to stop knowing that you will respond in such a manner. Contributing to a cussing match isn’t going to get you anything becides more or the same shit.


Man, I’m regretting that i suggested that spam smiley now > _ <

Epic makes it painfully clear if you’d take your fingers outta your ears Infonick.