What's better dreams or reality?

What is better to live in a dream world or to live in reality?


Video games

Not one of these questions again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Video games

You are not funny.

As for me, living in a dream world would be cool, but that’s never gonna happen.

Where are all these stupid fucking questions coming from?

If we had the option, why in the nine layers of sweet, sweet hell would anyone choose to live in reality over a dream? Think damnit.

I always thought there were nine layers of hell.

Edited because I’m a conformist whore.

I’m not even going to pick one.

Reality. Since I have never lived in any other world that this one, it is the only option which I can choose.

Well, we live in both don’t we?

I prefer to live in reality, thank you. But you always have to wonder…could reality possibly be the illusion of a dream?


Dreams. You can change them to your will.

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Dreams. You can change them to your will.

Only if you realize that they are dreams.

Hell is an eternal dream from which you cannot escape, a realm of fear and hatred, a world where the evil rule the good.

We’re here.

Welcome to Hell.

Jeez. Take some Prozac or something, Roun.

I seriously hope you’re joking Roun.

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I seriously hope you’re joking Roun.

Of course I’m not serious… jeez.

I stand by my Prozac statement.