whats a schmuck?

also whats a putz?

They both mean about the same thing…someone who’s a jerk, idiot, etc.

I’ve also seen schmuck used to refer to somebody who got screwed over in a deal. For example: That schmuck paid too much for a car.

it’s also stereotypically used in Hollywood almost exclusively by Jewish characters.

where I heard it was the Grumpy Old Men movies

I think “putz” is hebrew for penis.

I won’t ask why you know that.

Schmuck is German for jewelry…

schmuck also shmuck ( P ) Pronunciation Key (shmk)
n. Slang
A clumsy or stupid person; an oaf.

putz ( P ) Pronunciation Key (pts)
Slang. A fool; an idiot.
Vulgar Slang. A penis.

<Sod you!>

Yiddish for moron, idiot, know-nothing, etc.

= dick in Yiddish


a putz is a dick I know…but I thought schmuck was Yiddish for moron…

That’s what I always thought it was.

same here, as for putz…I have no idea

also whats a mook
and whats a mooley(think thats how it is spelled)

A mook I haven’t a clue…but a mooley, provided that’s the spelling, is a derogatory Italian term for a black person.

<i>Shmuck</i> is penis, only in a degogetory way, like calling someone a dick, or prick. (Very, VERY rude) Putz is like clutz more then idiot or moron, that’s nodnik and shalmeil (SHLA-meal) All in Yidish.

mook ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mk)
n. Slang
An insignificant or contemptible person


Schmuck: German for jewellery
putz: German imparative for “clean that up”


I’m very pleased that no’one posted “You”. :stuck_out_tongue: