whatever happened to the other RPG Classics(the ROM site) site?

I know it has been nearly 2 years now but whatever happened to that site?

We do not speak of it, on pain of dea

I did not know the Drug Enforcement Agency was investigating RPGC. Though not surprising.

She got into some legal trouble, as well as hosting issues, and died. I think.

You can’t just go to the same dealer your whole life, one gets busted, you move on.

Listen to the Hat. He’s from California. They know their drug shit.

It’s hanging from the end of a rope. Like the lot of them.

Poor fella. We’ll not see it’s like again.

Because we have TD and Epic anyway. HAH!

She’s not dead though. I do remember seeing her a few months ago posting here.

Soo ahhh. RPG C huh?