what would youlike to see in...

a local anime typeish store…a friend of a friend is opening one and wanted to know what i thought…figures movies and whatever…my thoughts are gotta have enugh dbz inuyasha type stuff to keep the chillins comin back, but enough cool stuff to get the older mature otaku :hahaha;

How about pin/badge thingies. I want one with Wormon for my cosplay

elaborate…you mean like they have in hot tpic that say stuff like…boys are dumb throw rocks at them but like…“SIT BOY” or…"would you like to bear my children’…
or seras victoria has a nice pair of…

Anime, anime paraphinalia, you know. Like suncoast, only more of it, and not as fuckin expensive.

How about good ost’s? Like yoko anno. Or japanese games in english

Usually I don’t buy things in anime stores, since they don’t have things I find useful/worth buying

I’m not ashamed to say that I always enjoy seeing a statue/action figure of something perched on a desk in whatever abode I currently reside in. So sell those. Especially robot ones. :smiley:

how bout we get this in like ist form from here on…like…

i would like to see-
statues/action figures
jap games in eng

something like that to make life easier… :kissy: