What would you do-ooo-oo

For a klondike bar?

I would knock out the man holding it and steal it. The others are too much trouble.

I dunno, I’d pay the $.75 it costs to buy one?

Hmm, a Klondike bar…

“Would you… Kill a man?”

What is it, something to eat?

Exchange money for what it’s worth.

Yeah, it’s this thing. I prefer the cones. Never saw a CarbSmart™ Ice Cream Bar here, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never really liked klondike bars. Prefer ice cream sandwiches. So yummy ^^

Force a baby to do drugs, HELL YES! I dont even care about the Klondike, I just wanna give the baby coke!

I’d flay your enemies and wear their skins for a Klondike bar!

I’d be the founder of a Klondike bar. I’ve always wanted to start my own business.

I would use my mind powers to materialize one from another dimention.
… that also had Klondike bar.


75 cents? Damn. They’re so expensive here.

Would a puppy be enough?

Yeah they’re like $2.50 here.

5 finger discount and a good pair o running shoes can get you a Klondike as well…

I’d hijack the delivery truck

I’d coke up the baby.

One time I killed a man, just to get his Klondike Bar.