What was your first anime?

I saw Vampire Hunter D(the first one) randomly one day on either TNT or TBS. I was 10 or 11 at that point. It was head and shoulders more adult than any cartoon I had watched up to that point.

That’s why it puzzles me when someone who loves anime, doesn’t like J-games (JRPGs, Fighters, etc) or vice versa. It sounds weird, but they are out there.

That does not make sense.

Record of Lodoss War

It doesn’t, but I have a friend who is all about Final Fantasy, Lunar, NIS RPGs, etc but does not like anime. Can’t figure out why.

I…think the first one I saw was Voltron. I don’t remember exactly, it was so long ago.

The first one I can confirm watching was Cowboy Bebop. (Yes, I got on the train later than most.) I never got up early enough for DBZ, and there was no way in hell I was sitting through Sailor Moon. After that, I started watching Toonami for a few years before switching entirely to DVDs and Bittorent.

I don’t know if Astroboy counts, but if it doesn’t, then the Voltron movie.

Edit: Like Spoony I didn’t realize Astroboy and Voltron were from Japan. I’d say the first movie I realized was from Japan would be Ninja Scroll. First series would be Dragonball.

It was either Minifée or Speed Racer, I’m not 100% sure which one I saw first.

The first one I saw and really liked was Tekkaman Blade, though.

Does anyone else think Galaxy Express 999 sucked horribly?

I didn’t watch 999 itself, but I did see it’s fellow series Captain Harlock in Spanish, and while I can’t say I enjoyed it, I still watched it out of curiosity. It was different from anything else I’d seen until then, which I guess was the point. Matsumoto’s stuff is both surreal and depressing, but he certainly has a style that’s all his own, from his drawing style to his romantic/epic perspectives. I respect that.

For me it was sailor moon, tenchi, and voltron all around the same time. My first complete anime was probably fushigi yuugi, followed by saber marionette j, but nobody seems to remember those at all.

Galaxy Express 999 looks awesome.

Not if they have any taste! That was a classic series/film. I’m still waiting for it to be released on DVD.

The first anime I watched is Samurai Pizza Cats I’m thinking. Or Kero Kero which was on sometimes when I was young. I don’t think I realised they came from Japan though. The first one that I probably knew came from Japan was the original Dragonball series along with Sailer Moon (which I never watched much of anyways).

Back in the day when the Sci-fi channel was doing their anime on Saturday mornings, they played one of the best anime movie ever, Robot Carnival. It was like no other animated movie I would ever seen. I loved is so much. My second anime is pokemon.

My first anime was the Cyborg 009 series. Dubbed to swedish by someone who wasn’t a native swedish speaker (I think norwegian, probably) and the same person must have done all, or at least 90% of the voices.
And yes, that was the OFFICIAL swedish dub. It’s so hilariously bad that me and my friends were just laughing our asses off during a scene that should have been (or at least was meant to be) very sad.

Although back then, I didn’t really know what anime was, so my first anime when I knew what anime was was either Akira or Space Adventure Cobra (also with a swedish dub).

And somewhere between and after those I’ve watched Sailor Moon on TV to and fro.

Vampire Hunter D of course.

Of course? Why of course? And which one did you see?

My first was probably Transformers, I saw that years before I knew the distinction. I also caught the occasional episode of Sailor Moon back when USA was airing it, since it was on somewhere between Sonic and Street Fighter IIRC. I believe the Megaman series aired around this time, as well (dadada super fighting robot! dadada MEGAMAN).

I think the first I actually recognized as such was DBZ. One of the local independent channels had the Ocean dub on Saturday mornings in 96. Then Toonami rolled out in 97 with Voltron, later picking up Beast Wars and Robotech, pretty much cementing the mechahead in me.

Transformers wasn’t really anime unless you’re referring to either a) the Japanese series like Headmasters or Victory, or b) anything in between Beast Machines and Animated (which included Robots in Disguise and the Unicron Trilogy, of which only Armada didn’t completely suck).

Aside from that we share a similar viewing experience. Although it was Sailor Moon and Speed Racer that I first recognized as anime and I didn’t gain my interest in Mecha until the SRW games (I’ll attribute this to not having watched Robotech). Also I ended up watching Beast Wars at 6AM on what is now the Hot Topic channel back when it was a local channel that offered stuff that didn’t suck like Freakazoid (I suck for not spelling this correctly), Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Road Rovers, and Earthworm Jim (among other things).

Those were the days.

Those were the days.

Indeed! And I’m very, very sad to discover (now that I gave up Cable) that good cartoons have disappeared from local (Puerto Rican) television entirely! With the exception of The Simpsons, the ONLY cartoons on the air here are the “safe”, aimed-at-very-little-children type, like Piggly Wiggly. Where are the Spanish dubs of Avatar or Justice League!? And Anime? Forget it! Did Morality in Media take over while I wasn’t looking?? There ARE local “Kid’s shows” but they’re more the “Barney” type, with costumed hosts talking down to children. I feel very sad for the kids here who will grow up without experiencing stuff like Ghostbusters or Reboot… or even The Flintstones!