What was the last game by Square-Enix that you actually enjoyed?

With all the complaining I hear about FFXIV, and remembering similar issues with FFXIII, I’m just curious, what was the last game Square Enix actually released that you thought was good and/or you enjoyed? Whether an original game or a sequel, I’m curious to see how far back some people think it’s been since SE didn’t completely suck.* Up to you if you want to include remakes as well.

*Please note that I have no particular feelings towards SE one way or the other, and this is just an expression.

An obvious one is The World Ends With You, although that’s already a couple of years old. There’s a great looking game that came out called Final Fantasy The Four Heroes of Light. I haven’t picked it up yet (too busy) but when I do I’m sure it’ll be enjoyable.

I mostly don’t keep an eye on who makes what, so when I hear S/E I think Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. In the case of FF, I definitely didn’t enjoy FFXII as much as I hoped, but I’ve had worse. I haven’t played XI, XIII or XIV so no comment on those. The last one I really enjoyed was FF X-2. Yeah, it was inferior for the series, but it was fairly enjoyable with its sexy babes, power costumes, and happy ending for Yuna and Tidus. :wink:

I also greatly enjoyed DQ VIII.

Yeah, I would say TWEWY. Maybe FFXII before that.

I did not really enjoy TWEWY, I thought the whole experience was convoluted. Fashion… two screen combat… the conversations, the main character… it screamed emo to me, and I just fucking hate that. FFXIII was garbage as well. DQIX is SE right? That was good.

But I think it could be widely agreed that they were at their prime in the SNES/Playstation era.

There has never been a single good video game ever since Chrono Trigger. Not one. Anybody who even owns any video game system newer than a SNES is a fucking fascist and should be gang raped by GSG, Mikenopa and those three fucking creepy new people in the RP forum who have like a 4,000 thread RP with nothing but them all jerking off their own e-penii.

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You shouldn’t make fun of them… after all they are using the RP forum for the reason it was created, plus they’re supposed to be long threads and everyone likes different styles of RPing.

However, on topic… my favorite one would have to be the FFTA and FFTA2 seems okay to! Mostly because of the diversity of the game (in terms of classes, missions, weapons, inventory, territory etc.) Also the story is quite nice and I’m a fan of turn-based strategy intertwined with RPGs! :smiley:

DQIX. DQVIII before that. And I really wanted to enjoy FFXII given what it did well but that game quite literally died from a thousand paper cuts.

One of these days I’ll get around to playing SaGa: The Last Remnant. But outside of the DQ games Squeenix hasn’t done shit worth a damn.

You might want to get on that given what I’ve been hearing on 4 Hero’s availability (or lack there of).

I’ll go with DQIX. Really great game. A ton better than what they’ve been putting out lately.

As for 4 Heroes of Light, I got a chance to play some of that today. It’s certainly interesting. Quite a bit of some old-school charm in there. Music’s got a neat 8-bit beat mixed in with some modern stuff.

Battle Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kk8TThUfTU&feature=related
Boss Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGKCGUK-tbc&feature=related
Boss Theme (Critical State): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxA5ElDNqUA&feature=related

I think of SE, I still think of Squaresoft. Not so much just Enix

I haven’t tried Dragon Quest 9, but I intend on checking it out soon.

Before that? The World Ends With You and The Last Remnant. I also had a jolly time with the Dragon Quest 4 remake.

TWEWY and DQIX (got sidetracked with that one). I also really enjoyed the DQ remakes (IV, V).

I liked the DQs, but they aren’t original games (DQ8 and 9 aside and 8 > 9). So I have to go with TWETY.

I haven’t been able to RPG it up in a while. I think X-2 was the last SE game I enjoyed.