What type of mouse do you use?

Just wondering what type of mouse other people use(if any)

I use a wireless ball-based mouse. It works nicely, but I have to keep spare batteries around, just in case.

Trackball. It’s the most comfortable kind for me to use.

Used to be trackball, but now I’m using a corded optcal twelve button mouse.

I use a crappy normal ball mouse but I want to get a cordless optical mouse

On this computer I use an optical mouse, but on my old one, I had a wireless, normal ball mouse. But I must admit I really like this one better, than any mouse I’ve ever tried.

I have an optical m0000000se ^^ With horns and sometimes I feed it hay :smiley:


3 button with scrollwheel wired optical mouse, there’s just no use to have more for me.