What the News wont show you..

This is why we shouldn’t take fucking prisoners.

This is a news article of it…


and this is the video they made of it. “WARNING: Video contains graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.”

Copy and paste the link for the video, if you click, it will take you to their wesite.

Hey uh… Put a warning around that video at least, some people might not want to see that.

I don’t know about you, but when I heard that America invaded a foreign country on the basis of a lie and “pre-emption”, I didn’t expect any American soldiers to get killed in the line of duty.

When I walk my low level hunter into Horde controlled territory in World of Warcraft, guess what happens to me? I get fucking ganked.

Dont walk through fire and think you aren’t going to get burnt. Maybe I’m a little pessimistic about this, but they knew the risks of flying in the airspace of enemy territory.

Dude, all you have to do is put down an ice trap and Aspect of the Cheetah away. EVen fi they have an epic mount you can get away!

Downloading the video now… Is it scary?

Edit: Ohhh that didn’t make Lanyx happy. sigh… I wish I could shoot them like that.

Reading about it is one thing, but actually watching it makes it a little harder to swallow, doesnt it ?

I have some video’s of the beheadings if anyone’s interested. It isnt pretty, and makes me wish i did enlist 16 years ago. Soldiers die, it’s a fact, and that isnt what pisses me off. What pisses me off, is if the roles were reversed, we would have nursed the fucker back to health. I even have a video of US soldiers shooting the iraqi’s and then patching them up so they wouldnt die. Sending our boys out to fight a war, then telling them not letting them do their job properly is what pisses me off more than anyhting else. We need to start taking some heads, we need to start stuffin some balls in their mouth. Goddammit.

We shouldn’t be there much less killing people. They allready have more then enough reason to hate us.

Yes, the only solution to violence is more violence. Violence is it’s own solution, horray.


Not the best choice of words, there.

Clitoris what