What the fuck, Nintendo

So SUDDENTLY they woke up and thought ‘Hey, maybe the WiiU could use more of the old gems on the virtual console’.

And because of that they released with barely a mention Ogre Battle 64 to it.

I played it like, once in my life when Sinistral was in town and it was a-ma-zing.

Like, seriously, give it a go.

On the one hand, I really need to finish my playthrough of that game (started it about a decade ago; Jesus Christ, where did all that time go?), on the other hand, I barely even remember what the hell I was even doing when I last played (I think I was playing Chaos Frame shenanigans in order to recruit Freddy Mercury’s Dad or something).

On the OTHER other hand, I’m currently revisiting March of the Black Queen, so uhh, close enough???

Also, Nintendo’s handling of their VC has been a clusterfuck of questionable decisions since its inception. I remember the days when they’d release 3 solid games a week. THREE WHOLE CLASSICS!!! We’re lucky to get one a month that isn’t either shovelware from the 90s, modern day shovelware or indie shovelware.

Also also, how does one Suddently? Is is Sudden Dent? or just a Dently named Sud?

Oh God, I remember Ogre Battle. That game was way too fiddly to be good. I liked it and enjoyed my playthrough of it. But it was way, way, too much work trying to keep everyone’s alignment and charisma where I needed them to be. Not to mention trying to find all the hidden items that you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE to get the extra characters and the proper endings.

So yeah, I’m good with not playing it again.

On the subject of the thread title, was it too much to ask for a slightly bigger internal hard drive for the Switch?

At least I suppose that this is as good of an excuse as any to finally put the money down for an external hard drive of sizable proportions (externally powered as well as I’m assuming that they didn’t spring for 3.0 USB ports this time either).