What summon would you make into an Aeon?

Honestly i enjoyed the unique system in FFX for aeons so i was wondering if anyone else would like to see a previous summon as an Aeon.

I would make Alexander into one just because he’s my favorite summon and would be soo cool to see in FFX graphics


Tonberry…i like tonberry, and his little knife :cool:

I think Phoenix would be cool, but I’m not quite sure what kind of abilities it would have. Perhaps it could have a big fire attack and the ability to resurrect other Aeons (probably for a high MP cost since that seems rather powerful).

Siren ! And make sure her blonde bush makes an appearance too.

Just kidding, i like the Jumbo Cactuar, it would make a goofy and interesting Aeon. Or the Tonberry King.

You do realise that those two are bosses, and not the summons you get.

I’d like to see Odin as an Aeon, he was cool. And would be just so powerful.

umm…whats an aeon

Never played FFX? :wink:

And as for my selection, well… I’d probably have to go for either Odin or Alexander. Yopjimbo was good, but Odin just had more style, dammit! :hahaha;

Knights of the Round.


The most powerful summon in FF4:


Either Odin or Quetzacoutl.

knights of the round?

and i thought the Magus Sisters were confusing to control
there’s around 13 knights not including the big guy, you make my PS2 weep.:thud:

Knights of the Round!

Ohh yeah, i forgot about Odin, he would make a cool Aeon. You DO get the Jumbo and Tonnebery King as Summons in FF8.

Actually if you check their the names of the GFs, they are Cactuar and Tonberry as GFs.

You have to defeat the BOSSES Jumbo Cactuar and Tonberry King to get them though. And also at the end of the fights they change back into their normal forms anyway.

Knights of the Round would be cool, but I think it would be difficult to fit all 13 on the screen at once, so you’d probably have the main one on, who calls forth the others as needed. That would be cool.

Name not important, they just shrank, but their still the dudes you fought. Not like you Drew them like the others.

They don’t just shirnk, they also loose a couple of details that made them different. Like Jumbo looses his moustache, and becomes a regular Cactuar. And King looses his crown, and becomes a rgular Tonberry.
So they are not the same one.

Odin would be the ultimate Aeon! :ah-ha!:

Gilgamesh woulda made a cool aeon too. I hated Yojimbo.

Yojimbo confuses me a little because some times the weaker attacks will do more damage. Of course, until I fully charge whoever’s weapon, he’s stuck at 9999 for pretty much all of them.

Or how about a Chupon or :ulty: aeon?

sigh…soooooo bored!!! anyway i guess diabolos (is that spelled right) :confused: and Alexander and Neo Bahamut from FF7 if that one didn’t count as an aeon…