What staffer would you, you know, boink?

Read the title.



:too bad;

Sorry Flint. Whores like you get bonked by everybody, so you would just be redundant in this poll. :frowning:

What’s boink mean anyway?

I need pictures of these people to make a final decision.

If boink means what I think it means…
Wait TD voted for himself?

Boink is the horizontal polka. And of course TD voted for himself.


Charlemagne is staff now!

Do I really need to answer this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very funny. I dont see why you cant just keep your mouth shut instead of making comments like that. its seems they’re only meant to hurt me. cuz they certainly arent funny.

Sohee ^^

I’ve said everything that need’s to be said.

Shut up Charle, you overreact too much. …And don’t harass me on isketch either, bitch.

Can staff boink other staff? If so, I’m scared.

Well its not like we dont hear about the risque business amongst RPGC members too much or anything.

boinks Charle and Dalton

cries ;_;


I am also very dissapointed in Ackbar’s performance, I expected…what with the tentacles and all, and all the anime-philes here, that he would sweep the boinkies (Which is what I have named this contest).