What sprung from an hour of being board while being sick

Okay, I’ve been sick for most of the past week. Well this morning this little idea wadered into my brain, and refused to wander out.

I started thinking about all of the conflicting classes and jobs in RPGs (D&D is definately included), as well as other areas of the fantasy genre (and some that are in no way related to fantasy), and thought what if some of these conflicts happened to be in the same family. Out of these rampant thoughts came what I call the Twelve Hearts, twelve people that are all brothers and sisters.


Crystal Heartslayer- Captain of the Crystal Dawn, a pirate ship, she is known to be the most cut-throat pirate to ever sail near her homeland. Also is the oldest member of her family and twin to Carbonado.

Amber Heartwriter- A writer, whose method of research tends to get her into trouble, she is the fourth born child of her family. Is also the twin to Feldspar.

Hythuia Heartluna- A spy whose nickname is the Invisible Menace. The sixth born child of the family and one of the two single births in the family.

Opal Heartlight- A Paladin. The seventh child, and Onyx’s twin.

Pearl Heartwind- A priestess who has taken a vow of pacifisim, and will not fight to save her own life. The nineth child, and Eliat’s twin.

Amethyst Heartfire- A healer, she and her twin brother, Topaz, are the ones who keep the rest of the family alive. The youngest member of the family.


Carbonado Heartsaver- The comander of his homeland’s navy, his goal is to aprehend the captain of the Crystal Dawn. He is the second child, and is Crystal’s twin.

Feldspar Heartplayer- An actor and the third child. His way of reasearching new roles get’s him into as much trouble as his twin’s way of researching for her writing gets her into. Amber’s twin.

Kytheros Heartsolus- The first of the family’s two single births, an investigator who’s job is to findout as much about the spy known as the Invisible Menace. The fifth child.

Onyx Heartshadow- An anti-paladin and Opal’s twin. The eighth child.

Eilat Heartwater- A mercenary who will kill anyone if he’s paid enough. The tenth child and Pearl’s twin.

Topaz Heartrock- A healer, he and his twin sister, Amethyst, are the ones who keep the rest of the family alive. The eleventh child.

Please give me your thoughts and tell me if I should continue with this idea. Sorry about the names, but I was and am sick.

Umm… my day was ruined when my friend told me her mom died earlier today, from cancer…

I am thnking you really need to work on yrou naming. A lesson in opposites, I see…

Where is Jade Heartshadow? The NINJA!?



Thats cool… more details on the personality traits could be helpful.