What songs do you like to listen to the LOUDEST?

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Bauhaus - Double Dare
Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Wumpscut - War
The Cruxshadows - Binary

Wow. I had no clue that your taste rocked so much, UFJ.

D’uh 8P

Of course, it’s usually with headphones… It’s not as loud as I if I’d be playing it off a stereo system(I can’t since I live with my roomate… and my landlord wouldn’t exactly appreaciate having either of us blast music :P).

Well see, my stereo kicks ass, so whenever my mom leaves I crank that fucker up to 30 or something and watch the house rumble. I’m trying to save up for a sub or something.

Alice Cooper-Poison
Guns N Roses- November Rain
Motorhead- Ace of Spades
Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody
Gackt- Vanilla
Lordi- Icon Of Dominance
David Bowie- Rebel Rebel
Whitesnake- Here I Go Again
Rainbow- Since You’ve Been Gone
Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out
Jimi Hendrix- Voodoo Chile

My driving instructor usually plays REM or Moby really loud too, so I end up driving to that a lot.

Black sabbath-Childern of the grave

Ozzy Osbourne-Center of eternity

Ozzy Osbourne-Over the mountain

Nirvana-Smell like team spirit

Black Sabbath-Time machine

Marylin Manson-Sweet dreams

Accept-Take out the crime


Steel dragon-Livin’ the life

Listed in no particular order, I mostly like 80’s metal, I mean I don’t mind new new music, but I get no thrill whatsoever from it, Nickleback for example, while kinda cool offers me little excittement.

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Bad Religion - 21st Century Digital Boy

(both songs were on the radio back to back yesterday too >_>)

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Gackt - Oasis (instant eargasm at the beginning)


Gackt - Speed Master (the bass oh god the BASS)
Gackt - Vanilla
Gackt - Kalmia

The Seatbelts - Pushin’ the Sky. Orgasm manifested as MP3.
And Salva Nos from Noir.
And anything by Creed and anything from Angel Sanctuary.

There’s just too much stuff to list here.

And also Lemmings - Let’s Go (OC Dance Remix) that Maz sent me. It’s so awesome Maz. I love you. With my pee pee.

OH! And one last thing!
A Perfect Cirlce - Judith. Good GOD That song is awesome. If I ever… uh… did something requiring the most badass BGM possible, Judith would be it.

Ah I finally have some type of list in my head.

Any song being played in the car must be extremely loud to be enjoyed, in my opinion.

I Would Do Anything For Love(extended)-Meatloaf

Time To Start-Blue Man Group (with that cool guitar riff, haw)

Seven Nation Army-White Stripes

Das Boot-U96

Emotions-Trance Control

Satisfaction-Benny Benassi


I have loads. But those are some good examples of drivin’ songs.

The Pillows - Advice


Any fast, upbeat Jazz tune on Cowboy Bebop

Anything Outkast

Marching Band songs (by actuall marching bands, not this half-assed demo shit)

Any rendition of “Let the Sunshine In”

more to come

I’d have to say “My Will” from the Best of Inuyasha CD. Yes, I am obsessed. :hahaha; The actual song is in Japanese though.