What revolution colour you gonna get?


Black, like my heart!

Probably black, but I’ll wait the year to see what they really look like, not just Nintendo’s pretty good guess as to what they’ll probably look like. Same with PS3. But, yeah, probably black. I got a black cube, and a black Dreamcast. I considered getting a Net Yaroze.

Black Dreamcast? Isnt that the sports package? Or is there a non sports related Dreamcast?

what? revolution? revolutions dont have colours.

<a href=“http://www.madfam.com/forums/uploads/post-5-1116633245.jpg”>This one :P</a>.

There was a black non-sports dreamcast, but it’s very hard to find. So I just got the “Sega Sports” edition one, and covered the “Sega Sports” logo with another Sega logo.

what??? is that the revolution??? I’m confused here, people! I’m out of the loop! I’m ending all my sentences with exclamaition points! someone explain what all this is before I use any more exclamaition points!!!


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I wonder if it actually shines like that.

prolly not, they just try to make it cool with the reflection, some people buy things like that cuz they think it really does shine like that. It does look cool though. Nes looks ae pretty cool.

Black or Green, most likely.

dunno which color, which ever one is the fastest to grab and get out of the stupid store, those workers dont like me, none of them. I dont know y, but they dont.

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I’m postin’ this blind as we speak. Whether it’s from eyelessness or ‘something else’ I’ll leave up to your discretion.

Black, like Nulani’s heart :frowning: