What rate you give to the new Harry Potter movie?

I know that already is a thread about the movie in the main forum, but what rate you give to the movie? A, B,C, D, or F ??

A+ for the cutest Emma Watson yet. <3

A, as a stand alone movie.
B, if you compare it to the book.

So overall B+/A-.


loved it!

AAA for the win


D. I saw it high. And thought it was bad. You have to know something is wrong with the movie in this situation.


B: piled up scenes, better than the other movies.
C-: When compared to the book, it missed a lot of parts and dialogue.

Good, but not great. Not like the book either.

Tucker Max started a fight at the harry potter book party for the new book last summer

Tux Max is gosh dang the man

D, not sure it went smoothly from part to part and was able to be understood fully by those who hadn’t read the book. It sure was long enough at about 2 and a half hours or slightly more.

I think the Prisoner of Azkaban has been the better one out of all the movies so far.

Hmmm… I wish I could say I’ve seen it… :wink:

I don’t go to the movies but all the other movies exept Chamber of Secrets were great. So, even though I’ve never seen it I’m gonna give it an A-

Oh, and defectivesonydvd, whats up with your F-?

-Viktor Krum had no unibrow and he wasn’t ugly like he was supposed to be.
-They never wore their wizard robes.
-Those girls from that school were supposed to be pretty, but they weren’t.
-They left out Dobby.
-They left out whole chunks of the plot.
-The beginning of the movie was sooo wrong. They left out the whole quidditch match.
-I don’t remember Hermoine being such an emotional pansy in the book, but apparently she was in the movie.
-They’re trying to make Hermoine look better (I think they pretty much failed at it and now she just looks retarded, but many people would probably disagree)
-They were wearing REGULAR clothes the entire movie. What’s the point of watching movies about wizards if they’re going to dress exactly like regular people? AND they changed their uniforms.
-Some parts were funny, but that didn’t make up for how retarded the movie was.

Id give it a 7 out of 10. It had more action that the others, and i like how it was darker.

i give it an A- i really enjoyed this movie and finally Daniel Radcliffe behaved more normally in the movie… just Voldemort seemed sugar high and Dumbledore was scary Oo;

As a movie it seemed a bit rushed here and there and really didn’t let you particularly enjoy anything.
In comparison to the book it was rather horrible and i can see it effecting the performance of the rest of the movies. they didn’t capture rita skeeter who plays certain parts in the next books. Harry didn’t give the triwizard earnings to the weasley twins so they could start their business. There wasn’t dobby and that other house elf, though that is more exusable. And there are several other things as well that i’m to lazy to list.

That’s all very true, but it was appealing to the eye… I very much frowned upon the plot-inconsistencies, and the TERRIBLE whiny-bitch Hermione… but it was alright.
I think a B-… (Still the best yet, bar Hermione)


Mm!! And one thing I forgot is the whole scene with Hagrid and Maxine’s fight!! And Rita Skeeta the bug! They missed one of the vital scenes… (among others)
'Twas okay… sigh

I’d give it a B, C if I hadn’t read the book. Then again, I’m not a real big fan of HP, there’s better fantasy books out there, and the movies aren’t as good as the books, so…

Also, I agree with defectivesonydvd and Ninten about Hermione, but if you think she’s bad in the movie, read book 6, it almost made me barf. The relationship between Harry and Ginny; and between Ron and Hermione = disgusting.

4.5 watson-inspired boners out of 5