What level do you normally play Tetris on?

I normally opt for Level 6 or 7; the blocks don’t fall too fast on these levels, and the points are quite good. I’ll occasionally try Level 9, but the increased speed is too much once you start to raise the blocks about 10 levels high.

I haven’t played Tetris in…years.

I’ve played it on occasion, but not much. I always start at level 0, and work my way up. (I can only manage up to level 8, though)

My cousin once made it to level 35. (He only lost there, because his friend asked him what level he was on, and, in the time it took him to look up and say ‘35,’ he lost)

Same here.

I just start on 0, and then let the game progress as it should. I can usually hit 99-120 lines, i think the highest i ever got was close to 180 (on the Tetris for the original GB). Took me all of study hall and some of math to do. I was so pissed when i lost.

I remember I used to play tetris when I was board, but that was a while ago. I could only get to about level 7 without dieing almost instintly.