What kind of traps are there in a dungeons?

Or catacombs for that matter.

Anyone know traps well, or any sites that list 'em? I need to knowwww… :bowser:

Uh, can you clarify a bit what you need this info for? Are you trying to create a video game, or making dungeon for a RP game, or is this for a story, or an assignment? Do you mean just general dungeons or are you referring to a specific one?

If this is about D&D then I say this:

My fave traps have included the following:
~Door traps of various natures (eg. spike traps, gas traps, explosives, etc)
~Pit Traps
~Realistic Traps - By this I mean, things like "Touch the treasure and the dugeon doors close trapping the heroes inside. With no escape, as it is intended to be.
~Natural traps, for instance, over grown vines that have covered the floors of a pit… Or perhaps water damaged ceilings that will crumble and fall upon the heroes if they don’t pass a move silently check…

Things like that.

I’m in the process of creating a d&d-ish(half rpg you might call) game…
I need to get a bit more about traps in a dungeon, because right now the dungeon design is pretty dull. It’s looking a bit empty… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Izlude :slight_smile: , the pit traps is really a good one…nice way to kill players! :smiley:
I’m writing dow the traps to implement in game…

Is it a computer or board game?

Computer :hahaha; Maybe I’ll post a demo later…

Rolling boulders, those are always fun.

poisoned dust in likely thief crawling locations is fun…

or have poison needles flying out of nowhere…

A trap where they’re snared by their feet, tarred, and then feathered.

Unless it’s a deadly serious game or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

A girdle of gender change.

Revive monster traps.

kos, IMHO, a good trap is not based on any spectacular results, but in the deviousness of its design.

A true master does not seek to compensate his failings by any extravegent death, but he shows his ability by how hard the trap is to find.

So, I believe its best to stick to the basics, like pit traps, knight statues dropping axes… you know, the classics. But, make them hard to find.

Avoid obvious things like carpet coverings. Go for a weaker, but hard to detect structual weakness in the floors. It would take a good eye to notice that the floor seems odd. And, add dust. Nothing says “Here, I am harmless.” The objects then look like they never been touched, and thus, have no surprises.

Just a few opinions from a guy who likes to RP thieves.

Classic alarms that alert an ambush party work pretty nicely. Gain extra if the actual party is invisible or undetectable at first :slight_smile:

That in itself is a good idea, perhaps there are spiderwebs that have stretched across a room, and as the players move through them, the webs pull pots or somthing off the boxes or wall that they were sitting on. “CRAKKASH!!!”

Now the group of (what would have been un aware) monsters in the next room have grabbed their weapons, turned over a table, and readied their crossbows for you to open the door!

Oh noes!

I’m actually trying to use traps that are recognizable so player will know what triggered the traps(if they are triggered).
Here’s what I found so far(dungeon is situated deep underground) :

-collapsing ceiling/crushing ceiling(like doom2)
-spike/sharp stuff
-object falling from above

-collapsing wall (towards hero)
-walls closing in with/without spikes
-rotating wall(adams family)

-bottomless pit
-spike pit
-covered hole/lava pit
-rising floor(crush hero against ceiling)

-rolling boulder/moving pillars
-hidden guillotine/ornate armor slashing down
-poison/gas release
-water/mud/liquid filling room(not sure)

Feels like dungeons use less traps than I thought…

Their good ones.
Post a demo.

I don’t think I want to post a demo yet, only the bones of the game are done. ( I still need help on traps… :bowser: )

I was going to attach a screenshot but looks like I can’t(??)…

The trap that opens the portal to the under world letting demons in.

You might need to compress the folder. That’s probably it.