What is your Metal Gear Code Name?


Mine is Innebriated Hawk

“Your code name for this mission will be Illogical Gila-Monster”

I miss Gila. :frowning:

Axe Nightengale

Oh joy.

“Your code name for this mission will be Ionic Dung-Beetle”"

Fucking memes. >_>

EDIT: ‘Pier’ and 'So’n get me ‘Fortuitous Sea-Monkey’ however. :smiley:

Katana Mandrill.

EDIT: That was with my real name. GG Crono gives me Illogical Parakeet. o_O

Bubbilicious Grizzly? ok then

Humongous Snake, Boomerang Man-o-war, cutlass snake, Catapult Rhinoceros.

Echidna Polar-Bear…

Dude, Polar Bears are cool and all, but a Polar Bear is not very well suited for espionage.

Mine is Judo Beetle

I kinda like it :smiley:

Carnivorous Skunk with my real name.

I get Dagger Penguin with Info-nick, is that too perfect or what?

“Your code name for this mission will be Licorice Lemming”

I own you all!

As my real name I got Katana Hedgehog.

As Admiral Nagumo Intoxicating Chimpanze.

“Machinegun Kangaroo”. Hmm, can’t you kind of picture this one? A guy hopping around with a machine gun?

That almost sounds like a Mega Man X boss. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got Humungous Grasshopper… and Boomerang Porcupine! XD

One of the bosses in Crash Bandicoot 1 was a kangaroo with a machinegun. :smiley:

Somehow that seems very appropriate for you.

I got: Magma Cockroach :thud: My code-name sucks.

I got:

Deep-Sea Butterfly.


I also got:

Genius Parrot.

Yeah, go me :stuck_out_tongue: Polly want a CRACKER BOX.


kevlar cobra

… what tha hell does kevlar mean?

thats what i got with my real name

when i used cait sith i got Grandmaster Raccoon.

thats a little better i guess :moogle:

My real name got me Infrared Squirrel. My name here got me Katana Crane, and my friend got Maniac Mantis and Maniac Chimera.

Kevlar is a special, strong kind of fiber. Bulletproof vests are made with it, I think.