What is Yevon?

Does anyone know what Yu Yevon means? Are these Japanese words?

I think it’s a cool sounding name … for a villain

Why not check on ffcompendium? It’s up there, along with laods of other name meanings…

And before anyone asks, I would go look it up, but I’m just lazy. :slight_smile:

Just got this straight off of FFCompendium, and this is wht it says:

[u]Yu Yevon:[/u] Moogle Fan says that “yu” is Korean for “the spirit of the dead or afterlife; secret, obscure, or secluded” (means the same as the Japanese word “yuu”).

Of coarse no body is sure how accurate that really is!!

It seems to fit Yu Yevon, though. Besides, I’ve rarely seen an occasion where Cid is wrong about the FF series. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like a purple spidy to me. :o

It’s cute, somehow.

Okay after reading this post and the FF X-2 post, what <b>is</b> this Yevon guy? Seems like an intruiging boss/character whatever he is. Damn I need to play this game…

Yu Yevon was a summoner from Tidus’ day. During the war between Bevelle and Zanarkand, he constructed an armor known as Sin. Lady Yunalesca’s lover (Forget his name right now) sacrificed himself to become the first fayth of the final summoning. She summoned a powerful aeon to take out Sin, but Yu Yevon absorbed the Aeon afterwards. Eventually, people made a religion revolving around Yevon and Sin and why they came to be. And that’s the end of that chapter.

I may be a bit inaccurate, I haven’t slept in DAYS!

Thats pretty much it, and Yunalesca’s lovers name was


Does anyone know what his glyph stands for?

Glyph is an actual word.

He means the glyph on Yu Yevon, note the term his glyph.

Oh… Well I know that that specific glyph was located in every single cloister.

I think it’s just something made up by Square.

There was a whole huge thread (like 400+posts) on the GameFAQs FFX board. Apparently the “Yevon writing” in all the temples does have English equivalents (the Ultimania guide lists them). Although it is made up, yes. I don’t quite remember if the symbol for Yevon meant anything besides “Yevon” though.

What still has me wondering is why Yu Yevon looked like a little floating spidery thingy. Was that what he looked like in the beginning, or did he shrivel up over time a la Tithonus and the grasshopper?